With the movable refrigerator, getting up for a snack or a drink, when you’re on the sofa in front of the TV, will be just a memory. Watch the video

The fridge of the future will not just text us on the smartphone to remind us to buy milk or to tell us in real time what is there and what is missing, it will also be able to meet our needs and follow us around the house very soon.

At least this is Panasonic’s vision: it presented a prototype refrigerator able to autonomously move about the house and to bring us food and drink where and when we need them; whether it is the bed, the sofa or the desk, we will simply have to call the fridge to comfortably see it coming to us. And it is also a romantic assistant… it brings you the ice bucket with champagne exactly at the right time.

Appositi sensori gli permettono di evitare gli ostacoli

In short, instead of having to get up off the sofa and interrupting our evening marathon of movies and TV series, risking losing key scenes, it will be the appliance to bring us snacks and drinks to the living room.

Thanks to special sensors that can detect obstacles, the fridge scans the rooms of the house in real time, makes a precise calculation to identify our position and reaches us avoiding not only objects and furnishings, but also guests and pets.

Being equipped with a digital assistant, at the end of the meal, we can ask him to carry dirty dishes to the kitchen. Panasonic specifies that, though currently it is just a prototype and no precise information on its commercialization is available, the future of the refrigerator is close, very close. [Giuseppe D’Orsi]

[Giuseppe D’Orsi]