A new hospitality concept: the first Student Hotel in Italy is for university students, tourists and co-working. With a gym and a swimming pool overlooking the Cathedral

Charlie MacGregor, founder

The recently inaugurated Student Hotel Florence Lavagnini marks the Italian debut of The Student Hotel, a new concept of hybrid hospitality integrating the needs of students at the beginning of their academic career with those of experience-seeking tourists and those looking for temporary accommodation equipped with all comforts, and creates an ideal environment for co-working.

Rooftop bar on the terrace of The Student Hotel in Florence



Founded by Charlie MacGregor, participated by several investment funds, The Student Hotel can already boast facilities in 11 locations, (Florence Lavagnini, Rotterdam, two facilities in Amsterdam, The Hague, Groningen, Eindhoven, Maastricht, Paris and two TSH Campuses in Barcelona – residences of the TSH group exclusively dedicated to students) and various openings in Italy have already been scheduled for the 2018-2021 period (Bologna, Rome, Florence Belfiore, Florence Manifattura Tabacchi). The total investment in Italy will be between 600 and 700 million Euros – good news for our country.

A suite of The Student Hotel Florence

The Student Hotel is not a traditional hall of residence at all. Students’ stay cannot exceed 10 months, therefore this is mainly a place to help freshmen cope with their new condition, in a cozy environment, equipped with all comforts.

The area dedicated to tourists features apparently Spartan rooms, actually equipped with all comforts, and in the communal areas are also a swimming pool and a gym, in addition to the kitchen.

The reception area

The project of the Florence Lavagnini facility, located in a building called ‘Palazzo del Sonno’, a few minutes’ walk from Firenze Santa Maria Novella railway station and Piazza del Duomo, was developed by Archea, together with Rizoma for the interior design. Made in Italy furniture is well represented by Pedrali, Nobili Rubinetterie and, just like a Millennial would do, some valuable pieces like the Cactus by Gufram in the lobby.

[Roberta Mutti]


Coworking space
Kitchen and dining area