Abimis reinvents the domestic kitchen transforming its drawers and cabinets into cooling or heating compartments

Thanks to Abimis, the kitchen becomes an authentic “sous-chef” that helps the chef prepare the dishes as well as preserve and serve them, so that you can feel as if you were in the kitchen of a restaurant even at home.

All drawers and cabinet doors can be equipped with cooling systems – even the garbage compartment. In fact, keeping waste at a constant temperature of 6°C makes it possible to neutralize unpleasant odors and reduce the spread of bacteria.

Abimis Kitchen

The heating system, on the other hand, can be placed in a compartment or below the countertop, and makes it easier to plate and serve, helping keep the dishes hot before they are served at table.

As for household appliances, all Abimis kitchens are ready to accommodate ovens, blast chillers and cellars by any company, to be ‘machines à cuisiner’ tailored to the habits and tastes of those who choose them.

Abimis offers an innovative and functional design resulting from the profound knowledge of professional catering and redefines the current idea of ​​cooking at home.

[Giuseppe D’Orsi]