Francesca Adami and Mauro Fragiotta, founders of 06d design studio, are two young designers with interesting backgrounds. Both Italians, expatriates to London – where they met, from there they continued together to Ibiza, where they established their residence. Their training is diverse – more architect and “technical” him, more graphic and creative her, with experiences also in photography.
Their debut comes with a self-produced collection, Thinness Collection, a complete series of furniture for the living area – chairs, coffee tables, pendant lamp.

06D design studio: Mauro Fragiotta and Francesca Adami. Photo Fabio Nova.

The Thinness Collection explores the potential of the folded steel, an extremely resistant material while very thin, which interprets geometric shapes intersecting each other, drawing three-dimensional compositions that seem to twirl suspended in space. The lightness enclosed in a thin sheet of stainless steel gives life to furniture elements playing a leading role in the living room, creating a contemporary and essential style, but rich and precious at the same time, a “contemporary luxury”, which mixes classic and minimal styles for elegant spaces but at the same time simple and comfortable. Thinness Collection is a tribute to the technique applied to beauty, a feature of Made in Italy, appreciated all over the world.

Thinness Collection, designed by the 06D studio, includes a chair/pullet, a coffee table in two sizes and a suspension lamp, all made of steel sheets 2 or 3 mm thick, cut, welded, folded, and then painted and satin. All the processing is carried out in Italy, by the skilled hands of craftsmen from the area with the highest content of innovation in the world in the furniture industry, Brianza.
All products are finished by hand, with a satin finish, reflective but not glossy.
The collection is available in two versions. Matt Edition, in various colours customizable on request, is presented for the first time in Materia Obscura black; Gold Edition, in a limited edition of 33 signed and silkscreened pieces, has a gold finish, with galvanized treatment.