Party / space / design -p /s /d’s new office-non-office is a fluid environment, designed by the Bangkok-based studio

party / space / design – p / s / d cross-disciplinary design consultancy designed the interiors of their fourth office in Bangkok.

La nuova sede a Bangkok di p / s / d

Originally divided into three rooms spread on two floors, the space has been redesigned, making it a dynamic and fluid open-plan space.

In the communal space, the workstation, furnished with desks and shelves, is seamlessly connected to the café area; here a long wooden table and an imposing yet lightweight modular shelving solution personalize the environment along with many small details, such as the balloon-like lamps that gently light up the space that features also wooden furniture, parquet and white tiles on a wall as well as a big world map.

Positioned in the middle of the open-plan space, the café area was obtained by removing the upper floor in order to get a 5-meter-high white-painted ceiling that gives the environment a sense of visual freedom.

This communal area is meant to be a welcoming place for clients and visitors, as well as a relaxing zone for p / s / d team.

Postazioni di lavoro e zona café

An office-non-office that is more of a home where it is possible to inspire people and get inspired: this is the young Thai brand’s philosophy that is reflected also in their main creative headquarters. [Text Annamaria Maffina]

Piccoli ma importanti dettagli che rendono l’ufficio confortevole e fonte d’ispirazione