Abbiamo incontrato lo chef Luigi Taglienti nel suo ristorante ‘Lume’ a Milano. dopo la riconferma della stella Michelin, ci racconta cosa lo ispira

Lo chef Luigi Taglienti nella cucina del suo ristorante Lume, a Milano

He started his career with great master Ezio Santin and later worked with great chefs such as Christian Willer, Christian Sinicropi and Carlo Cracco. Luigi Taglienti, chef of ‘Lume’ in Milan, in addition to the Michelin star, has also received the award for the young chef of the year for the “I Ristoranti d’Italia L’Espresso” guide and three forks for the Gambero Rosso magazine. We have met him in his restaurant.

A recipe by Taglienti: chateaubriand of Piedmontese manzetta served with Provençal tomatoes, ‘castello’ potatoes and Béarnaise sauce


What is the philosophy underlying your work?

I have been working for years on the concepts of heritage and evolution – what I call “my Italian cuisine”. It is an original and innovative model that relies on the important places of my life: first of all, Liguria, but also all the places that have characterized my personal and professional path, without a precise spatiotemporal context. I love to regain our national heritage, what have been shared and often forgotten.

Seven kinds of fish by Luigi Taglienti


Could you tell us which place are you attached to the most?

Liguria is certainly my involuntary inspiration source. When I start studying a new dish or when there are changes in the menu, it is a need that comes from the inside, not from the market or a request. Therefore, I naturally and spontaneously go back to my places, I repossess my memories and bring them into my dishes.

Luigi Taglienti in sala al ristorante Lume, una stella Michelin

How would you define your menu?

I would define it as very Italian, characterized by a personal Italianness with something modern and new. I develop the flavors that form part of our culture in a totally personal way.

[Text Cristina Provenzano – Photo Davide Piferi De Simoni]


Guinea-fowl ravioli from Taglienti’s menu inspired by Italian tradition


Chaud-Froid con il tocco di Luigi Taglienti