The high-performing wrapping shoe by Vibram® is inspired by the Japanese art of ‘furoshiki’ and has won the prestigious award for its innovative design

One of the most successful innovations by the eclectic company Vibram® is ‘Furoshiki The Wrapping Sole’, winner of the ADI Compasso d’Oro International Award as well as other prestigious prizes in the field of international design.

The wrapping shoe, inspired by the ancient Japanese art of ‘furoshiki’ consisting in wrapping gifts with a cloth, envelops the foot with its ergonomic sole and bands of stretch fabric, flexible to different wrapping and walking needs.


Its wrapping sole is versatile and functional, perfect to safely and comfortably test different surfaces, ideal for traveling, leisure activities and everyday life. Available in fabrics inspired by the Far East or the desert, in denim, black, and unisex colors. Equipped with the high-performing sole certified by Vibram®, this is an authentic design revolution, simple yet original. [Txt Barbara Tassara]