A verdant tower which stands out overlooking Singapore: it’s the skyscraper housing the Oasia Hotel Downtown, a building designed by the Whoa architecture studio based in Singapore, with interiors designed by the Spanish architect and designer’s based in Italy, Patricia Urquiola, awarded with the Best Tall Building Worldwide and Australasia award in 2018, by the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat in Chicago.

The project is based on integrating the building with the surrounding landscape, with a special attention to environment, which in a densely populated and built area like Singapore, is particularly important. The building is distributed into three separate zones, overlaid like three layers below, each of which has its own “ground floor” with a tropical open terrace step. This arrangement allows to have common areas outdoors, naturally ventilated and shaded.

Discover Marina One in Singapore, a project by ingenhoven architects, with landscape design by Gustafson Porter + Bowman

The facade cladding panels, made of aluminium in various shades of red, also serve as a backdrop for 21 different species of tropical creepers, with flowers and leaves providing food for birds and insects. The roof houses a tropical bower, the perfect crowning point for the creepers running along all the facades, making them living and comfortable.

Interiors and furnishings are the best expression of the excellence of design, mostly made in Italy, thanks to the attention paid by Urquiola to the finishes and furniture products, both in public spaces and in the rooms and bathrooms. A special attention has been paid to the color, which identifies the different areas into which the skyscraper is divided.