For the first time in Italy, artificial turf is made from the dry assembly of modular tiles. It is all thanks to the industrialization of the project by Mauro Paris and Dario Campra of Roofingreen, a young Turin-based company working close with the architecture and construction industry. The innovative green tile characterized by a surface as soft as a carpet, thanks to the special ‘herb effect’ yarn, can adapt to any outdoor context without any maintenance or irrigation. The different modular solutions have been conceived to insulate and line ventilated floorings, have a high drainage capacity and can be integrated with spectacular lighting. The aesthetic qualities as well as the thermal and acoustic performances of a building improve thanks to the installation – also on vertical surfaces – of Roofingreen modules, suitable for interventions aimed at energy saving, restoration, requalification and construction of new buildings. The entire supply chain takes place in Italy, in the suburbs of Turin, where the excellent knowledge in the automotive field opens up to other productive fields.