Boat racer Fabio Buzzi has broken the previous world speed record for diesel-powered motorboats by reaching 277.5 km/h also thanks to Alfa Laval

This success, achieved on Lake Como (Italy), would not have been possible without the work of Alfa Laval, leading global provider of specialized components and engineering solutions.

In order to improve the performances of the engine, it was necessary to develop a cooling system adjusted to a big turbocharger. This was the challenge faced by Alfa Laval according to Conrad Dykas, the supervisor of the project.

Racing was all new to us, so of course there were challenges involved. One of them was the size requirements of the cooler,” explains Dykas. “Mr Buzzi told us he wanted the charge air cooler to take the full length of the motor. By getting the maximum air cooling capacity that could be packaged on the boat the engine could then be calibrated for maximum power.”

New Diesel Power Boat World Speed Record: 277.5 Km/h
Driver Fabio Buzzi – FB Design
Engine FPT Industrial Cursor 16

The design, in compliance with the standards of motorboat races, includes copper fins favoring thermal conductivity and resistance to corrosion, copper-nickel tubes because of their strength and durability and an extruded aluminum shell that acts as a light yet robust casing.

“We took our proven design and made it one-third longer than the longest charge air cooler Alfa Laval had ever made for marine applications. It was hand-built with extreme precision.”

In October 2018 the engine will undergo other tests to break the current record.

[Giuseppe D’Orsi]