Japanese studio Nendo presents ‘Air Lids’, a series of airtight kitchenware lids made of DAI-EL (material by Daikin) characterized by special tactile properties

Nendo’s extraordinary design is the result of the combination of formal simplicity, innovative materials and pleasant use of the objects created.

These three aspects meet in ‘Air Lids’, the collection of airtight kitchenware lids: minimal and white/transparent, they use an exclusive material by Japanese multinational company Daikin Industries Ltd called DAI-EL, technically a fluoroelastomer, a high-performing rubber. Among the extraordinary sensory effects suggested by Nendo there is the impression of ‘touching the air.’

Air Lids series, airtight lids designed by Nendo

Everyday gestures such as taking a pinch of salt or pouring a liquid become a new, very pleasant experience.

Nendo, starting from the study of fluoroelastomer and its tactile properties, created the collection of small kitchenware with lid, trying to convey the abstract feeling of air. Each lid corresponds to a particular hand movement: picking up, pressing, pinching, pulling and pushing.

The ‘Air Lids’ collection was presented in Milan during Fuorisalone 2018, at the exhibition ‘Nendo: Forms of Movement’, in collaboration with Daikin, at Superstudio Art Point.

Daikin Industries Ltd is the exclusive manufacturer of this fluoroelastomer, the same raw material that makes substances used in its air conditioning systems, but also commonly used in the automotive industry (and, actually, also Apple used it for the Apple Watch Sport).

DAI-EL has outstanding heat, oil and acid resistance and prevents changes in color and shape due to the substances with which it interacts. As soft as silk, it feels like air under your fingertips. [Text Valentina Dalla Costa – Photo Akihiro Yoshida]