Grass blades used as optical fiber: here are the lamps that sanitize the air in the rooms and walk-in closets

Designed and produced by WippyIdea, Liventia can be defined as a Made in Italy project of excellence. Designed and produced in Italy, it has a modern and plain design, characterized by a handmade marble base that incorporates and displays the grass collected from river Livenza, which, acting as optical fiber, is able to convey the light through the entire structure.


Presented at Inhabits, the Fuorisalone 2018 event organized by Design Diffusion, Liventia by WippyIdea turned out to be a winning innovation.

The lamp, as explained by Lucio Tomasella, Marketing Director at WippyIdea, performs a sterilization and sanitation function and harnesses the UV light technology that, together with a titanium dioxide gel, purifies the air.

In addition to sterilizing all objects in the immediate vicinity, the onyx base acts as an induction charger, allowing you to recharge mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The project, which has been a huge success, was financed through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.


Following the success of Liventia, as Tomasella confirms, WippyIdea has decided to launch WiWell, a minimal light panel that, besides illuminating the walk-in closet, will perform an antimicrobial and anti-mold action thanks to the strong oxidation caused by the nanotechnology and the light, which will allow it to remove pollutants, fumes and unpleasant smells from clothes. [Text Giuseppe D’Orsi]

WiWell’s details