In the new Artemide mono brand showroom in Zurich, the brand’s innovations for residential, architectural and outdoor uses can be experienced


On the central Albulastrasse in Zurich, at the end of June 2018, Artemide inaugurated a space that would be reductive to define as a showroom: this is the Artemide Light Competence Centre. In line with the ongoing technological research andThe Human Light’ philosophy underlying Artemides work, it is not a static exhibition space; on the contrary, it includes a work station, an office and a conference room featuring advanced and appropriate lighting solutions.


Moreover, visitors, professionals and final customers can explore the frontiers of contemporariness with ‘Light over Time’: LoT offers endless lighting variants that can be controlled in a dynamic and intuitive way by means of special software.


Artemide has been recently awarded with its eighth Compasso d’Oro for Discovery (a series of lamps that transform optic principles into ‘magical’ effects) and also its founder, engineer Ernesto Gismondi, has deserved a Compasso d’Oro Lifetime Achievement Award for illuminating with tireless energy the evolution of design in Italy. [Photo Marcel Nüesch]