Thonet revives the tradition of the Bauhaus with a limited series of the iconic S 533 F by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe reinterpreted by Marcel Besau and Eva Marguerre

The two versions of the S533 F chair reinterpreted by Besau-Marguerre for Thonet

Since September 2018, Thonet has made available 100 anthracite and 100 soft rose specimens of the famous S 533 F by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Besau and Marguerre, Hamburg-based designers, have respected the ‘less is more’ motto so dear to the German architect who gave the chair its oscillating characteristic, replacing the overlaying tubes of Mart Stam’s cantilever chair without rear legs (1926) with a wide arch.

Some history: Thonet pieces of furniture achieved success in 1859, with the chair no. 14, today no. 214, and 50 million specimens sold, the first to be industrially produced, thanks to the innovative bending technology of solid beech wood.

S 43 chair, designed by Mart Stam

At the dawning of design: The use of tubular steel and the collaboration with famous architects, such as Mart Stam, Mies van der Rohe, Marcel Breuer, Le Corbusier, Charlotte Pérriand, A. Guyot, made it possible to design absolutely innovative furniture for the Thirties, products that are timeless and are still proposed by the Frankenberg-based company.

Thonet All Seasons Collection

With other special editions, Thonet, the iconic company in the history of international design, re-proposes some Bauhaus classics: the Classic in Colours collection adds amazing colors to the frames of Mart Stam’s S 43, the S 411 lounge chair, the S 32 and S 64 chairs by Marcel Breuer, the B 9 and B 97 side tables.

S 35 from the Pure Materials line by Thonet

The Pure Materials line is based on natural materials, wood finishes treated with oil and leather, revisiting the classics in tubular steel. Thonet has also conceived a collection suitable for outdoors and all times of the year with Thonet All Seasons, characterized by a protective coating and a special technology used to treat the materials of the cantilever chairs and the side tables redesigned (2016) by Miriam Püttner of the Thonet Design Team. [Text Giulia Bruno]