Panasonic turns 100 and at the London Design Biennale, open until 23 September 2018, explores how design and technology can improve our lives

London Design Biennale, a three weeks’ festival at the Somerset House, represents one of the moments of fastest growth of global design and this year it shows Panasonic’s renewed efforts to develop products that improve our daily experiences.

At the Biennale, Panasonic exhibits Kasa, a collection of smart round lights that, thanks to vibration sensors, are able to understand our emotional state and glow only when we are calm and kind to them. The whole line has been developed in collaboration with Kyoto-based (Japan) craftsmen and explores the ability of products, and design in general, to affect our state of mind and how next century’s innovation will influence everyday life.

Takehiro Ikeda, Creative Director of Panasonic Design & Director of Panasonic Flux, commented:

Emotional States is a natural theme for a design biennale. The design of everything around us – our homes, environments, the clothes we wear and the products we surround ourselves with – all have immense power to influence our state of mind. As new technology becomes ever more embedded into our everyday lives, there is no better time to explore the impact design can have on the very human language of emotions that we all intuitively understand and respond to.

Running at the Somerset House until 23 September 2018, the Biennale hosts 40 countries – an unmissable event for those who want to keep up with technology and smart living. [Giuseppe D’Orsi]