At the NOI Techpark in Bolzano, Black Monolith is the new ‘passive’ building in a technological envelope by Schüco


NOI Techpark is the new cultural and technological hub in Bolzano (Italy) hosting companies, startups, research centers and universities. Designed by Claudio Lucchin & Architetti Associati and Chapman Taylor Italia, the project renovates and enhances a historic industrial complex also thanks to building envelope elements by Schüco.

Nature Of Innovation is the meaning of the acronym NOI Techpark, an intervention of urban renewal aimed to transform an abandoned area into an innovation hub, a meeting point and an interchange platform between Italy and Northern Europe.

Here we find the Black Monolith, the new rationalist building that symbolizes the innovative power of the park. The building is introduced by the 30 m high piezometric tower (water tower) built in 1934 and turned into an artwork by Polish artist Mariusz Waras. Around them, a 9,000 m2 green area includes a series of relaxation zones and spaces for events and shows, while the areas dedicated to parking and technical rooms are underground.

Created as a towering black parallelepiped, the Black Monolith is a linear and minimal building, a direct reference to the mysterious totem of “2001: A Space Odyssey” by Stanley Kubrick. The façade is characterized by a black cladding made from 5,000 m2 of aluminum foam, a very technological and light material chosen for its resistance and as a tribute to the industrial history of the site.


The impalpable transparent fabric was made with Schüco FW 50 SI SG (Super Insulation Structural Glazing) structural façades, which make it possible to conceal the aluminum profile from the outside, giving the impression of an only flush glass element.

Combined with the Schüco Windows AWS 114 SI SG insert units whose doors with invisible frame perfectly blend with the supporting structure, the façades ensure a thermal transmittance of Uf 0.91 W/m²K, contributing to improving the building’s energy performance so that it is a nearly zero-energy building.

NOI Techpart is the first project in Europe and the second in the world that has obtained the LEED v4 ND Plan (for Neighborhood Development) Gold sustainability certification developed by the Green Building Council. [Giuseppe D’Orsi]