Tomoko Nagao digitalizes western traditional art contaminated with manga culture: amazing pop effects stem from her existentialist inspiration

The recent amazing and unprecedented production by Japanese artist Tomoko Nagao, who for years has been contaminating great western art with the myths of the manga culture in the wake of the Micro-Pop trend, is the focus of the solo exhibition ‘Tomoko Nagao: iridescent obsessions’ (until 27 October) curated by Paolo Campiglio and Christian Gangitano at Galleria Deodato Arte in Milan, on via Nerino.

Jan Brueghel il Vecchio, 2018, opera di Tomoko Nagao

The new cycle, presented for the occasion, is called Flowers, the recent vector production that represents a Pop re-enactment of Flemish flower pots, particularly inspired by Jan Brueghel’s works: the splendor of the various flowers, the magnificence of the colors are translated into the surface through a unique digital reworking.

Gioconda with water blue ribbon and white dots, 2018, work by Tomoko Nagao

In Tomoko’s version, the common thread is vanitas (vanity) and represents yet another reflection on the motive of death through its opposite, life. The artist’s choice of this singular iconography meets the same parameter that in the past brought her closer to the particular of the rotten apple by Caravaggio, to the image of Narcissus looking at himself, or to Medusa with a bloody head, representing a sort of happy obsession. [Text Annamaria Maffina]