Zozo e-commerce platform launches Zozosuit, the suit that scans your shapes to allow you to order made-to-measure clothes online at affordable prices

Clothes used to be made to measure: they fit but they cost a lot and it took a long time to make them. Then, mass production brought about economical clothes, immediately available and all the same, that needed at most a few adjustments, such as the pleats.

This is the kind of offering we are used to, which led to the success of large clothing chains and to online purchases. But Japanese entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa – the founder of Zozotown, Japan’s largest online clothing platform – has launched an idea that can easily be defined as revolutionary, allowing you to buy online clothes that are made at a distance and tailor-made at once.


The tool you need is the Zozosuit, a suit that calculates, by means of a special App, available for mobile devices, the precise measurements of its wearer. Created in collaboration with New Zealand-based startup StretchSense, the Zozosuit is the final result of seven years of research and numerous attempts – some hyper-technological and costly – that led to the optimal model that is now available.


  • first, download the Zozo App on your smartphone
  • wear the suit, which perfectly adheres to your body from neck to ankles (it is made with a black fabric and covered with 300 white markers)
  • place yourself at a distance of about two meters and slowly rotate clockwise, allowing the phone to take a series of photographs. On the screen you will see a 3D reconstruction of your body with 18 measurements that make it possible to create a perfect custom-fit garment.
  • Once the scanning process is finished, the Zozo App will guide you to the digital store, where you can choose all the garments that will be made specifically for you.


Low costs because, as explained by Maezawa, “as an online store we do not have physical stores, shop assistants, cashiers and we only work on orders. We need neither an inventory nor to worry about unsold items. Furthermore, there is no waste of material, since everything is produced using only the necessary amount of fabric. The next step? Shoes and bras, underwear – always made to measure.

Zozosuit was launched onto the Japanese market in January 2018 and in six months it led to more than a million orders on Zozo, the minimal clothing brand founded by Maezawa, whose slogan is “On Zozo there are no sizes but shapes.” From July 2018 it is available for free for anyone who requires it, shipped to 72 countries worldwide, including Italy. [Giuseppe D’Orsi]

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