Starpool presents Zerobody, the zero gravity anti-stress spa bed that recreates the feeling of floating on the ocean

Recreating the feeling of lightness experienced when floating on water: this is the goal set by the company Starpool, which presents ZEROBODY™, the state of the art floating bed able to bring relaxation to the highest levels.

In scientific terms, relaxation is a process of transformation: it has been proven that our brain is a flexible organ capable of reorganizing itself in response to changes in the environment and in our activities. In the specific case of floating, fluctuation activates certain brain areas, making them thicker, which stimulates a physiological response that is the opposite of stress, resulting in a durable improvement in mental performance.

Designed by Cristiano Mino, despite resembling a bed, ZEROBODY™ is a sort of tub of a 400 liters capacity, perfectly covered with a waterproof, anti-mold and antibacterial PVC fabric, which acts as a “mattress”.

Through the self Touchpad it will be possible to adjust the movement of the rigid supporting surface, which lowers and raises, allowing water to surround the body with a “dry” floating effect.

Moreover, it will be possible to adjust water temperature and to manage all the other functions of the mattress such as setting the session time, modifying light effects, activating the hydromassage on your lower back, or starting meditating with the audio guide included with the NU RELAX™ app.

During the World Wellness Weekend, Starpool opened the doors of its headquarters in Ziano di Fiemme (Trento, Northern Italy) to the public, allowing anybody who was interested in it to try ZEROBODY™. [Giuseppe D’Orsi]