7 days left until Halloween but don’t degenerate into kitsch: here you can find some design objects and decorations that are more stylish than scary. And orange is a warm and trendy color

Pumpkin decorating kit (Triangle distributed by Schoenhuber)

Are you a Halloween enthusiast who doesn’t want trashy decorations? Or are you the kind of person who doesn’t care about this Anglo-American feast but wants to give an autumn touch to his/her home? Get inspired and you won’t fail! The most traditional habit is that of carving a pumpkin to turn it into a lantern: for this year, give up triangle eyes and toothless mouths and embrace geometric, even irregular, patterns.

Wunderkammer collection by Seletti

After all, the gothic trend has entered the house – all the year round: glittered skull ashtrays, archaic symbols and gloomy lights; while a vivid orange makes the environment warmer and energetic, used for a plaid on the sofa or a duvet cover, for curtains or 1970s-inspired long-haired rugs. Dare with this color and use it sparingly.

Get ready for the moment when the kids of your neighborhood will ring your bell to ask you “trick or treat?” If you want to leave them breathless, prepare some coffin, pumpkin or witch hat-shaped biscuits – with the specific cutters it won’t take too long.

Stampino per biscotti, cm 8h, di Birkmann distribuito da Schoenhuber
Stampino per biscotti, cm 8h, di Birkmann distribuito da Schoenhuber

If you don’t like orange at all, you can rely on black&white, metal or even golden objects. Halloween is the feast of excess and a modern glam touch brightens up minimal interiors. [Lucia Bocchi]