The new store of the famous Camper shoe brand at the Fidenza Village relies on an effective visual merchandising design that makes you think of shoes

Showroom Camper

Camper inaugurates at the Fidenza Village (Italy) a new store-outlet designed by interior and industrial designer Francesco Rifè. Each part of the store has been designed to recall shoes, from the geometries and graphics of the furniture to the cords that recall shoelaces. Francesco Rifè, in his Barcelona-based studio, has worked on geometrical-spatial proportions that make one think of the expertise of a craftsman.

Minimal style and traditional natural materials are applied to modern visual merchandising. In a space characterized by a high ceiling, the metal stairs and counter at the center definitely stand out.


Graphic terracotta tiles projected onto floors and walls, steel shelves where the protagonist is the product, LED lights and decorative lamps that illuminate the space act as complementary furnishings. [Text Barbara Tassara]