Kobold (in Italy named Folletto), is one of the most popular German brands in Italy: the IPSOS research institute has found that a vacuum cleaner Folletto is actually present in one out of three Italian homes. No wonder, then, that Folletto (Kobold) Vorwerk has been recognized as Superbrands 2018, the international recognition identifying the brands most notable for their investments in innovation, communication and sustainability.

Kobold Vorwerk cleaning system VK200 with electric broom EB400.

One of Folletto’s most recent innovations is the Home Cleaning System, a system based on the VK200 electric broom, equipped with various interchangeable accessories which cover all the necessary cleaning operations – washing, vacuuming – on all surfaces: floors of any type, from wood to tiles, carpets and rugs, up to mattresses and upholstered furniture. A precious help for everyday cleaning.

Kobold Vorwerk Cleaning system
Kobold Vorwerk Cleaning system

Simple to use, fast and efficient, the Vorwerk Kobold Cleaning System is a valuable assistant to clean the house from top to bottom, thanks to its modularity. Kobold SP600 vacuums mops at the same time any type of solid surface; Kobold EB400 detects all floor conditions and automatically adjusts right performance power to the floor setting. Whether it’s hard floors or carpets – the VK200 Cleaning System has it covered.

Vorwerk Kobold in history.

Kobold VK200, combined with Kobold VF200, with a special detergent, cleans carpets and rugs thoroughly and prevent carpets from trapping dirt as quickly after cleaning. Finally, Kobold PB440 Electric upholstery brush and Kobold MP440/MR440 Mattress cleaning set, thoroughly clean upholstered furniture and mattresses, loosens allergenic particles such as mite excrement and fine dust.

Info: kobold.vorwerk.de