“Don’t leave it on paper” is Moleskine’s new motto: the Smart Writing System line revolutionizes notebooks and planners

A giant step forward for a historic stationery brand that over the last year has presented a line of smart planners connected to digital devices.

Paper Tablet and App Moleskine

We are talking about the Smart Writing System line, made up of Paper Tablets, Smart Planners, the Moleskine Notes app and a Smart Pen that allows users, whose lives are increasingly characterized by travels and commutes, to easily transfer the contents created on their paper notebooks to their digital devices.

Planner Smart Planner

How? The planners are made with a special micro-dotted paper, specific for the Smart Pen, that captures every stroke of the pen and transfers the content, whether written, drawn or even just sketched, to the spreadsheet on the Moleskine Notes app, so as to have a digital copy of our notes, graphic works and our planner, too. In this way all the appointments we have written by hand will be scheduled in the digital organizer that will also send us a reminder at the right time.

Notebook Paper Tablet e Smart Pen

The idea is the result of a global research carried out by Moleskine, according to which writing by hand helps memory and retention and improves eye-hand coordination. Moreover, this research shows that the experience and the personal gesture of writing by hand will never be completely replaced; we are always scribbling or doodling because it is only human nature to express our thoughts or works whenever we are inspired. [Text Giuseppe D’Orsi]