On 14-15 November 2018, MiCo is hosting Architect@work focused on ‘Light and Architecture.’ Here you can find the schedule and the registration code

A short time after the Rome edition, held in October 2018, architect@work.it is coming to Milan (at MiCo, Centro Milano Congressi – Milano Convention Center) with its two days of unmissable events addressed to architects, designers, Italian and international companies and other operators. This year, in particular, practices and firms working in lighting design are engaged, but the focus is still on the novelties in the construction industry (windows and doors, coatings, interior finishes, technical structures and materials, lighting, home automation, heating, sanitary ware, software). On 14 and 15 November access will be free for professionals, upon registration on www.architect@work.it online using code 8230.

The themed exhibitions are focused on the interactions of light with materials, architecture, both public and private spaces, and photography. The interpreter of this relationship is the end user who experiences the spaces and appreciates their sensory qualities, which, not only relate to aesthetics, but also to much more complex ideas. An engaging example is represented by the immersive Light Boxes designed by APIL/FederlegnoArredo for Architect@work.

Architect@work, l’allestimento dell’ultima edizione in Italia, a Roma, il 17 e 18 ottobre 2018


(Professional credits will be allocated upon attending one or more seminars

  • ‘Man, light and architecture: Bosco Retreat, Corte Bertesina, Campus Salvagnini’  Arch. Giovanni Traverso and Arch. Paola Vighy (Studio Traverso-Vighy Architetti)

          Wednesday, 14 November, 1:30 pm (4 CFP)

  • ‘Rules, contradictions and good lighting’ Arch. Piero Castiglioni

           Wednesday, 14 November, 5:00 pm (3 CFP)

  • ‘The revealed space’ Arch. Patricia Viel (Studio Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel) and Arch. Marinella Patetta (Studio Metis Lighting)

          Thursday, 15 November, 1:30 pm (4 CFP)

  • ‘Shapes are boring? Light is fun?’ Ico Migliore and Arch. Mara Servetto (Studio Migliore+Servetto)

          Thursday, 15 November, 5:00 pm (3 CFP)

The highly attended seminars of Architect@work in October 2018, Rome

The seminars will be moderated by architect Cinzia Pagni of the Milan-based Studio di Architettura e Design Pagni e Borgonovo, specialized in interior design (private, public and contract fields), art direction, exhibition design.

A professional visitor at Architect@work 2018 in Rome; many are expected to participate also in Milan

As to the products that will be presented, the exhibiting companies, in addition to innovation, aim at the multiple functionality of elements and their flexibility of use in different settings, along with eco-sustainability (with particular reference to recycled and infinitely recyclable materials), warm and enveloping colors borrowed from the fashion industry, and textures that are calibrated to generate positive sensations when touched or seen. [LB]

Il grande centro Congressi Milano (MiCo) progettato da Mario Bellini, con la ‘cometa’ metallica che lo pone in evidenza nel contesto urbano