1In Rome, in October 2018, at the Maker Faire, ADI displayed a selection of projects and products that combine design and technology with ‘Design, design ovunque’

Bolide TT, Cicli Pinarello, Pinarello Lab, Compasso d’Oro International Award 2017: Sport perfomance and innovation
Adi participated in the Maker Faire, European Edition 2018, the great international event that took place at Fiera di Roma from 12 to 14 October, with the special exhibition ‘Design, design ovunque!’ to present 23 objects and projects, partly selected by ADI Lazio through a call and partly awarded with a Compasso d’oro or a mention.

The aim was to show how design brings a bit of future into the present every day. The projects on show ranged from the extractor hood that turns on automatically to cutting-edge city bikes and technological clothes and furnishings that are energy saving and eco-friendly. In the picture above, for example, you can see Bolide, time trial bike by Cicli Pinarello, made using rapid prototyping via 3D printing.

Snap parte integrante del sistema IoT di Elica
As Luciano Galimberti, President of ADI, said: “We have breakfast, wash, get dressed, move from one place to another, work, have fun, love… Spaces, objects, services, interfaces, virtually each step in our life is accompanied and supported by design and its operational methodology.”
The ‘Amarcord’ Led lamp by Martinelli Luce has a transparent methacrylate lampshade that becomes opalescent when the light is diffused

Among the guests of the pavilion we can mention Francisco Gomez Paz – Argentine designer who works all over the world – and Fabio Lenci, one of the greatest Italian designers with 700 projects since 1963. On this occasion, Lenci brought the prototype of FL08, an ultra light aircraft for non professional sport pilots.

TARTA® EMYS, schienale per sedie a rotelle, design Marco Galante per Tarta Design

The wheelchair backrest by Tarta Design (picture above) received the ADI Compasso d’Oro International Award in the Sport – Performance and Innovation category in 2017 for its extraordinary characteristics: it combines freedom of movement with modern aesthetics, thanks to the system of vertebrae and pads that ensure breathability and flexibility both while pushing the chair and while resting. [Text Valentina Dalla Costa]