In order to meet needs and dreams, the interior design project stems from an in-depth dialogue with the client – single, couple, family

Interior-D is the new method created by architect Carla Palù and psychologist Tito Sartori using questionnaires, games, schemes and interviews to get to know the real expectations of the clients – the protagonists of the project. The dialogue is focused on people and their wishes; the architect and the psychologist listen to their dreams and their needs.

Architect Carla Palù and psychologist Tito Sartori at work

The design stage is preceded by a systemic approach that “engages all the protagonists involved in the change, and the psychologist triggers questions and reflections on the needs of the individual, the couple, the family, that, despite being often left unexpressed, exert a great influence on daily life and, if they are not carefully taken into account at this stage, may turn themselves into problems.”

A cozy space designed with the Interior-D method

Tito Sartori says that “during the renovation of a house, it is often difficult to get men interested in it […], probably because of the sociocultural construction of the masculine gender and the association of the house with women.” The couple, and the man, has to be involved in the decision-making process: curious listening and open dialogue will shed a light on the impact of the future domestic environment on the wellbeing of its inhabitants, surrounding the family with warmth, brightness, comfort.”

Made-to-measure harmony thanks to the Interior-D method

Modern houses are “undergoing important transformations along with families,” accompanying them in their increasingly less traditional situations of families that are increasingly often fluid or extended.

Carla Palù adds: “When a client entrusts an architect with a renovation project, he/she is asking much more than advice on furniture.” They envision future situations, brimming with new feelings. Carla Palù concludes with two quotations: “The mother’s womb is the first kind of architecture” (Claudio Silvestrin, architect) and “Our house is our skin” (Marshall McLuhan, sociologist).

L’ambiente bagno non è da trascurare nel progetto d’interni ‘condiviso’

The Interior-D method is based on reciprocal trust, a balanced relationship among client, architect and psychologist. The professionals go beyond verbal language, triggering a circular discourse. The living space is built together, respecting different opinions and professional expertise. [Text Giulia Bruno]