Motorola Solutions turns 90 presenting the innovative ST7500 Tetra compact radio for mission critical communications

Motorola Solutions celebrates its 90th anniversary in 2018. Since its foundation in 1928, it has been proudly introducing innovations including solutions for mission-critical communications, which have been installed around the world, to meet the security needs of governments and organizations.

Excellence and technological research continue to inform the future of Motorola Solutions, a global technology leader in the era of digital transformation and modernization of networks with integrated LMR and LTE broadband solutions.

“Connecting people through technology has always been our main mission, especially during the crucial moments in their lives. Our customers rely on us for the skills, services and solutions we offer, for the experience and the ability to innovate achieved over the years,” stated Sirio Magliocca, CEO of Motorola Solutions Italia.

For its 90th anniversary, Motorola Solutions presents a new product for mission critical communications, the ST7500 TETRA compact radio, which combines compactness and robustness with a small screen (which can be used in bright light conditions), an easy-to-use keyboard (which can be used even with gloves), a simple user interface and clear audio to provide police officers and rescuers with reliable mission critical communications.

Motorola Tetra ST7500

Moreover, the ST7500 radio is equipped with a MAC13 GCAI connector and integrated Bluetooth® 4.1 wireless technology that facilitates the use of a wide range of wireless accessories including headphones, push-to-talk buttons and smart devices, providing greater flexibility and control. [Text Giuseppe D’Orsi]