From the first edition, in 1998, to the twenty-first, in 2018, more than 11,000 designers and products went through the Salone Satellite. A hugely successful intuition, which helped to create the worldwide reputation of Salone del Mobile.Milano, thanks to Marva Griffin, the historical curator of the exhibition, who, together with the selection committees, chose the best talents for the exhibition.

Salone Satellite 2018

Among these 11,000, about 500 joined the SaloneSatellite Permanent Collection, which includes the products that over the years entered the regular production of the brands, sometimes becoming big commercial success, and the pieces designed specifically for the Collection SaloneSatellite 20 years, created in 2017 with the participation of internationally renowned designers who began their career at the SaloneSatellite.

Salone Satellite Permanent Collection

The SaloneSatellite Permanent Collection is located in the new headquarters of the Polo Formativo del Legno Arredo Fondazione ITS Rosario Messina in Lentate sul Seveso (the Special Training Centre for the Furniture in Brianza), a twofold significant location, as the objects on display can inspire the students, since they were designed by young people who began their career at the SaloneSatellite, equipped with talent and perseverance.

The products selected and displayed at the SaloneSatellite Permanent Collection offer an insight into how design production has evolved over the past 20 years. They range from new types of products, new materials and construction techniques, with successful experimentation, to formal research, which focuses on decorative aspects and the sculptural value of the object.

To visit the exhibition: Polo Formativo del Legno Arredo Fondazione ITS Rosario Messina,
Via Don Carlo Gnocchi 10, Lentate sul Seveso

November 9-23, Monday-Friday, 3 pm to 5 pm

After November 24, by appointment only, please contact
tel. + 39 0362 1570156,