Hunting pollution’ is the 1,000 sq m 3D effect mural painted on a building: it cleans the air like 30 trees

It is in Rome and it is the largest ever made in Europe with Airlite paints: a smog-eating mural that has on the air the same effect as 30 trees. It is a project by Yourban 2030, the all-female non-profit association led by Veronica De Angelis who, on this occasion, called Milanese artist Federico Massa (aka Iena Cruz), famous for his participation in similar projects in cities such as New York, Miami and Barcelona.

Hunting Pollution, photo and project by Yourban2030

Created in the woods of Trentino Alto Adige by Italian startup Advanced Materials, Airlite paint neutralizes pollutants returning air to a purer state. It reduces substances that are harmful to health and those that cause the greenhouse effect. In particular, it eliminates obnoxious gases such as nitrogen and sulphur oxides (NOx and SOx).

How does Airlite work?

Sunlight activates the “magical ingredient”, titanium dioxide, that eliminates pollutants transforming them into inert substances in a 100% natural way.

The benefits of Airlite

In addition to reducing pollutants by more than 80%, Airlite

  • Reduces odors: it actively breaks down odor molecules and effectively eliminates them by oxidation without filters, deodorants, waste.
  • Eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria on your walls: bacteria are eliminated by the double action of superficial oxidation and high alkalinity, which, combined, prevent bacteria from surviving.
  • Repels dust, airborne dirt and molds: it decomposes the oily substances deposited on the surface and it creates a thin surface layer of water (thanks to a property called hydrophilicity) that prevents particles from settling on the surface, causing them to drop off.
  • Cuts cooling costs up to 50%: Airlite effectively reflects the majority of solar infrared radiations, reducing the absorption of solar heat by walls and roofs, to keep your spaces cooler in summer in a completely natural way, resulting in cooling costs saving between 15 and 50%.
Iena Crus at work on Hunting Pollution

100 sq m eliminate the smog produced by 12 cars

The results obtained by the Bolzano-based startup are amazing: if a 100 sq m surface is enough to eliminate the smog produced by 12 cars, imagine what results can be achieved by painting the façades of the buildings of the world’s largest cities. This is why the company has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. [Text: Giuseppe D’Orsi]