With its reflective smiles, ‘Glove’ by Loffi helps signal turns and communicate positivity to everybody

 Cyclists from all over the world, you will dream of finding this must have accessory under your Christmas tree.

Architect Jack Hudspith and product designer Ben Pawle have designed a pair of gloves with a reflective smiling face to encourage cyclists to communicate with other road users better – particularly when they need to indicate that they are about to turn right or left.

The new gloves produced by startup Loffi, ‘Glove’, can be worn throughout the year. Besides being water-repellant and windproof, they are warm and breathable, allowing hands to enjoy the ideal temperature depending on the season.

A double layer of polyester-fibre AX Suede allows the wearer to have a good grip, while the touchscreen fabric on each finger makes it possible to use a smartphone.

The aesthetic choice of a smile on the back of the hand aims at decreasing rage episodes that too often happen between road users. With Glove by Loffi, cyclists will just need to raise their palm or wave to thank pedestrians and car drivers, conveying positivity and cheerfulness.

It all started with a Kickstarter campaign, and Glove will be available from December both at various affiliate stores and online, on Loffi official website – just in time for Christmas. [Text Giuseppe D’Orsi]