Privacy, calm, silence. Whether at home or in the office, this is what everybody is looking for, especially in open space offices. A few minutes of concentration, for a special phone call, for an email, to check a bank account or simply stop hearing anything, or nearly, just for a few minutes.

Acoustic comfort is certainly one of the trends today, and furniture companies are responding with beautiful and attractive solutions. Solutions looking like traditional furniture, which keep all the comfort features, yet enclosing high-performance materials capable of absorbing sound waves. The result are ergonomic and cosy armchairs always perfect, cosy sofas and amazing wall decorations. Of course, compared to acoustic booths and phone booth, the performances are completely different, and what you get is certainly not total isolation but a reduction, sometimes sensitive, of the surrounding sounds. Here we see a series of furnishings presented at Orgatec 2018. (Emilia Prevosti)

The comfortable and cosy seats

Jaan Silent, by Eoos studio for Walter Knoll, is a seating system which creates private islands in a work area, in a hotel or any airport lounge. It defines the space for small team meetings, for a brain storming or simply to chill out for five minutes.

Sistema di sedute Jaan Silent, di studio Eoos per Walter Knoll.

Plenum, by Jaime Hayon for Fritz Hansen, is a high-backed seating system, designed to socialize but also to break away in a collaborative space. In any open space, airport lounge or hotel lobby, it is a comfortable refuge, creating the feeling of a domestic environment.

Plenum, armchairs by Jaime Hayon for Fritz Hansen.

Captain Heaven, by Baldanzi & Novelli for Sinetica, is a spacious seat in which you feel welcomed, protected and you can find visual and acoustic comfort in different contexts: as a lounge chair, for home entertainment or video conferences, thanks to two loudspeakers placed on both sides of the headrest.

Captain Heaven, di Baldanzi & Novelli per Sinetica.

Tango, design Strand+Hvass for Narbutas, is a collection of chairs with a strong visual impact, suitable for any working or public area. The wide range available allows to fulfill any need and to play, mixing them together in large spaces. In the Lounge version, the high sound-absorbing backrest provides greater protection and comfort.

Poltroncine Tango, di Christina Strand e Niels Hvas per Narbutas.

Easy Nest, designed by Form Us With Love for +Halle, is an armchair with high backrest and footrest. A warm, comfortable and cosy “nest” in which you can concentrate, talk or rest. Also in a public space or in an open space working environment.

Armchair and ottoman Nest, by Form Us with Love for +Halle.

Biga, designed by Favaretto & Partners for Luxy, is inspired by the “biga” (a sort of chariot) of the ancient Romans, and is an armchair that can easily move across the room, in two versions; the version with a high backrest is designed for sound absorption. It offers privacy within the room, where you can concentrate, work and even relax, without isolating yourself completely.

Biga, di Favaretto & Partners per Luxy.

Wing Lounge, designed by Sezgin Aksu (Studio Aksu/Suardi), for Addo, is a seat featuring a wrap-around backrest just like a wing, conceived for spaces such as office areas, waiting areas, airport and hotel lounges, but also for home relax.

Lounge chair Wing, by Sezgin Aksu for Addo.

Armchairs and sofas from the Pinch collection, designed by Skrivo for La Cividina, create areas to enjoy privacy and relax in public spaces. Tubular metal structure and side elements take on the function of real padded walls, creating a sort of comfort room.

Pinch sofas and armchairs, by Skrivo for La Cividina.

The sound-absorbing panels

Mario Trimarchi designed, for Caimi Brevetti, a system of sound-absorbing panels, the Botanical collection from the Snowsound system, made up of metal structures resembling the branches of trees and many soft leaves covered with fabric, with high sound absorption performance.

Botanica collection of sound-absorbing panels, by Mario Trimarchi for Caimi Brevetti.

In the photogallery, some images from Orgatec 2018.