The result of the combination of 3 trade fairs, Style Bangkok Fair, in October 2018, was the perfect occasion to keep up-to-date on ‘personal lifestyle’, from furniture to fashion, and on Thai design

Style Bangkok Fair 2018, The Residence

Style Bangkok Fair, held in Bangkok from 17 to 21 October, offered an opportunity to take stock of design made in Thailand. Style Bangkok Fair combines three different fairs – BIFF & BIL dedicated to leather goods, BIG + BIH specialized in tableware, housewares, gift items, and TIFF, the furniture fair – to display the best examples of Thai design.

The trends on show at the Style Bangkok 2018, the lobby

Vannapurna Ketudat, Deputy Director-General of Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), explained that Style Bangkok Fair was conceived by listening to the demands of the buyers who visited it. Operators are increasingly interested in a show able to gather, in the same place and on the same days, everything that surrounds us and creates our personal lifestyle: accessories, clothing and leather goods, furnishings and furniture, housewares, tableware and gift items.

Style Bangkok Fair, The Residence

Over 1,000 companies and about 2,000 exhibitors took part in Style Bangkok Fair 2018, attracting over 50,000 visitors from 80 countries. The fair is divided by product sectors and special sections to promote sustainability, recycling and conscious consumption, with different programs aimed at the improvement of the quality of Thai design and craftsmanship, from all over Thailand.

Style Bangkok Fair, Build and Design your Digital Camera

Different exhibition concepts characterized different product sectors: T Style, with DEWA (Design from Waste Agricolture), for example, showcased furniture and fashion accessories made from agricultural waste, while the OTOP (One Tumbon One Product) Pavilion displayed accessories and everyday objects. There were also areas dedicated to a world that is getting older with objects designed for the elderly (60+), as well as objects for mothers and their children (Moms&Kids), and for pets. Last, but not least, a wide section was dedicated to the latest color trends for silk. [Text Roberta Mutti]

Style Bangkok Fair, T Style