Once upon a time there were radiators. White, made of cast iron, placed under the windows or hidden behind cane panels. Then came the aluminum radiators, more lightweight, and then the steel ones, a material which opened a world of creativity for interior designers, and beyond. The option of creating thousands of shapes and colours has allowed the creation of radiators, decorative radiators and towel racks which become furniture elements which emit warmth, but are visually more than that. So, here follows a brief review of decorative radiators, for each style of furniture.

Radiator T Tower by Matteo Thun e Antonio Rodriguez for Antrax.

In addition to the traditional radiators, with hydraulic operation, and the specific decorative radiators for the bathroom, which are also towel warmers, there are many electric radiators, often portable or easily moved, to move from one room to another. T Tower, by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez for Antrax (above), fits easily into any furniture style; E-Sign by Cordivari (below), is a towel rack heater only 7 mm thick.

E-Sign by Cordivari, radiator only 7 mm thick.

M’ama, radiator designed by Angeletti & Ruzza for Irsap, is a simple and essential radiating plate which decorates the living area or bathroom with the same nonchalance, and can heat towels, scarves or shawls. It has been awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2018.

M’ama, decorative radiator Angeletti & Ruzza for Irsap, Red Dot Design Award 2018.

Piano Move is the radiator designed by Meneghello Paolelli Associati for Ridea, which creates a different visual and tactile effect, thanks to the movement of the elements composing it. It’s available in a low or high version, suitable for both the living area and the bathroom.

Radiator Piano Move by Meneghello Paolelli Associati for Ridea.

Herewith a photo gallery with radiators, decorative radiators and towel rack heaters for different furnishing needs – we are pretty sure you will also find yours!