Winter and snow: an inseparable pair. The snow is beautiful, soft and fluffy, making everything muffled, and is very popular, both for the “magic” effect produced, and by lovers of winter sports and wellness at high altitudes.

Stanza della neve Technoalpin, per la reazione dopo la sauna.

Even indoors, snow can improve our well-being, for example in a cooling room after a Finnish sauna. In a room with walls and floor completely covered with snow, the dry cold helps to sense a more comfortable temperature than the real one, thus allowing the body to transition from the heat of the sauna to the cold of the snow, with a softer temperature shock.

Stanza della neve Technoalpin, per la reazione dopo la sauna.

Technoalpin, leader in artificial snow systems, has developed a technology for “snow rooms”, which allows to make real snow indoors, in an environment where the temperature can reach up to -10 degrees Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit). The resulting snow is real snow, soft and without additives. The snow room is perfect as a cooling room after sauna in the SPA, or for hotel lobbies, to create bars and lounges below zero, to offer customers emotional experiences different from the usual.

Technoalpin snow room, in the spa of the Hotel Quelle in Santa Maddalena, Bolzano.

Thanks to years of research, Technoalpin is capable of recreating the winter climate like the real one, which is the ideal support for stores selling technical winter sports apparel, where customers can test the garments in real conditions of use.

Stanza della neve nel negozio Woolrich di Milano, con tecnologia Technoalpin.

The Technoalpin snow room can be tailored to your needs. With one litre of water you get 5 litres of snow, and the energy consumption is the same as that of a Finnish sauna. By means of an intercooler, it is also possible to recover the heat and transform it into hot water, which can then be used in a secondary circuit or swimming pool.