Named by the Design Council as one of the UK’s top 70 rising design stars representing the future of British design, Marlène Huissoud works as a freelance designer for different companies, besides working in fields such as art and product design

Her work questions the conventional way of making, taking inspiration from the intrinsic properties of natural resources. She believes in the value of a made-to-measure concept, not only leading to a satisfactory outcome but also resulting from an adequate creative process.

Cocoons relates to this context of respect for nature as an entity: this project uses silkworm’s cocoons without killing the worm – as it generally happens in traditional silk production, on the contrary.

Cocoon cabinet _ Credits_ Studio Marlene Huissoud

The Cocoons collection includes wardrobe, cabinet, bench and lights. Every piece has been made from an accumulation of thousands of silkworm’s cocoons, then varnished with a thin layer of a natural honeybee bio resin.

The slow making process of each item underlines the beauty of the natural world, which inspires these almost alien-like furnishings.  [Txt Annamaria Maffina]