Mantero is a family-run textile business since 1902, leader in the design, production and distribution of luxury fabrics and accessories, with one of the most important archives in the world

Printing and washing stages at Mantero 1902

A history that has been handed down for 4 generations, Mantero 1902 was founded by Riccardo Mantero exactly in that year. Design and production stages are still entirely carried out in Italy, in the Como headquarters, where arts and professions coexist: designing, weaving, traditional panel printing, digital printing, finishing, edging and quality control.

Holding silk in your hands, touching it to feel its softness, shine, lightness is not an easy experience to forget. Alessandro Baricco in the book Silk wrote: “It was like grasping in your fingers…nothing.” A very precious ‘nothing’, on which is based Mantero, a company with 426 employees that, thanks to the know-how developed and handed down over the years, are the most valuable asset of the company.

Printing and washing stages at Mantero 1902

“It is an Italian excellence made of people, tradition, expertise and love. Beside any product, there is a magical and complex story. It is not just about productivity, but much more,” says Francesca Tongiorgi, Brand Manager Mantero 1902.

Tables for screen printing, ‘vaporization’ stage, Mantero 1902

In the ’90s Mantero diversified the production with non-silk fabrics, without giving up high quality and creativity. Source of inspiration and creativity is the Mantero Archive, considered one of the richest textile archives in the world with more than 10,000 volumes, 60,000 foulards of the most prestigious fashion houses, thousands of hand-made drawings archived by theme, proof papers, fabric prints, plain and jacquard fabrics. [Text Paola Molteni – Photo Donatella Simonetti]

From “Touch the Beauty”, XTRA #7, p. 102

Mantero Archive
Drawings for fabrics, Mantero Archive