Recently appointed director Fabio Novembre goes back to the origins with DA’s radical design, to the ‘learning by designing’ methodology and the partnership with companies

Fabio Novembre, an architect and designer famous for his innovative spirit, has been appointed Scientific Director and brand ambassador of Domus Academy, the first post-graduate design school in Italy.

Fabio Novembre (photo Giovanni Gastel)

Novembre has stated that he intends to actively participate in academic life, giving lectures and leading workshops. As the first step of his assignment and a premise for future scenarios, he has decided to go back to the origins (in 1982) of the Domus Academy, i.e. Italian radical design, explaining that D.A. is “a hotbed of visionaries who love meeting partner companies, blending professionalism and utopia. A school where teachers and students have interchangeable roles, aiming at sharing that adventurous voyage of discovery that we call life.”

Gli storici fondatori di Domus Academy nei primi Anni ’80, appartenenti al movimento del design radicale in Italia

Domus Academy belongs to Galileo Global Education Italia, the private higher education institution whose CEO, Roberto Riccio, commenting the new directors, highlighted the ‘learning by designing’ methodology that will be enhanced by the new strategies and the cultural programme of this school of excellence. Domus Academy aims to design initiatives involving prestigious companies and to take part in the most important competitions. [LB]