Or rather, on gloves. The latest lamp by Ingo Maurer confirms his free thought and invitation to break free from conventional design around us


Luzy Take Five by Ingo Maurer

Surprising, unconventional and far from the boredom of common design: we are talking about Luzy, the set of lamps designed by Ingo Maurer like an array of blue gloves with light bulbs at the tips of their fingers.

An encouragement to think free from constraints, through everyday objects that become original. Three models are available: Blue Luzy/Black Luzy, Luzy Take Five, Luzy on the Wall. The materials are plastic, metal, low voltage lamps, and each glove is hand painted with a special blue color.

Koyoo, designed by Axel Schmid for Ingo Maurer

The stylistic hallmark of the lamps by Ingo Maurer, the German designer-entrepreneur based in Italy, has always been that of play and imagination. With the iconic Zettel’z and its later versions, he has been encouraging us since 1995 to interact with the suspension lamp, changing the messages and drawings hanging from it. And what can be said about the Lucellino series? Poetic lamps, with wings. Up to the very recent Koyoo, the portable LED lamp designed in 2018 by Axel Schmid for Ingo Maurer: a circle of white paper that seems to be floating in the air. [Text Annamaria Maffina]