Impactful and hi-tech lighting for Christmas in Florence and the F-Light Festival as a tribute to Leonardo da Vinci

In Florence Christmas is celebrated by the light that at night illuminates Palazzo Vecchio thanks to the lighting design by Linea Light Group, imitating the snow that falls from the sky and the flame of a candle that lights up the night.

Treviso-based company Linea Light Group, one of the first European companies specialized in LED technology, has been pursuing since 1976 the most accurate answers to needs such as energy efficiency, effective lighting, color fidelity, design versatility.


This is one of the tributes paid by Florence, from 8 December to 6 January 2019, during F-Light – Firenze Light Festival, to Leonardo da Vinci for the 500th anniversary of his death, inspired by this Renaissance genius.


The beautiful effect recalling the snow that silently falls on the walkways of the palace is given by a luminous mesh made up of 220 Pixie Pixels RGBW (small circular LED devices equipped with advanced technology) installed on suspended wires along a 600 m long cable.


Arnolfo’s Tower has been transformed into a lit candle: the light, within the walkways of the tower, recalls the very bright base, the start of the flame. Along the pillars, warm and vivid colors dart and fade going upwards, where the bells are housed.

Sala delle Carceri below hosts all the control systems.


Also for these installations, avant-garde technologies have been created, with specific devices for architectural lighting that are extremely performing and offer high efficiency and visual comfort. [Text Giulia Bruno]