The 2019 Pirelli calendar is very sophisticated, the pictures by Watson tell the story of four charming women who want to become famous

Backstage Pirelli The Cal by Albert Watson

The photographs of the 2019 Pirelli calendar were shot by Scottish photographer Albert Watson in Miami and New York. He tells four stories of four women who strive to make their dream come true, interpreting the emotional power, the victories and defeats they encountered along the path to reach their goal.

At a first glance, landscapes, interiors and portrays surprise the observers with their soft, filtered chromatic range, and create an atmosphere that transports them into the picture while at the same time imposing a respectful distance. Here you can watch the ‘behind the scenes’

The cast of the four stories:

Gigi Hadid and Alexander Wang
Backstage Pirelli The Cal by Albert Watson: Gigi Hadid e Alexander Wang

Gigi Hadid and Alexander Wang play the part of a wealthy and accomplished heiress and her confidant and best friend; she feels safe only at home, which is her shelter.

Misty Copeland and Calvin Royal III

Misty Copeland and Calvin Royal III play the role of two dancers who live in a small art deco house and dream of becoming dancer-etoiles.

Laetitia Casta and Sergei Polunin

Laetitia Casta and Sergei Polunin respectively play a painter and a dancer who live in an eccentric loft apartment and dream of becoming great artists.

Julia Garner

Julia Garner and Astrid Eika are a botanical photographer and a model, both enthusiasts of rare plants.

Who is Albert Watson, master of photography?

The great photographer from Edinburgh is also an expert in graphic design, cinema and television, as well as one of the most influential photographers of all times. He portrayed Alfred Hitchcock, many rock stars, rappers, actors and other celebrities. He has been working for important advertising campaigns, Hollywood film posters such as “Kill Bill” and “Memoirs of a Geisha”; he has directed 100 commercials and produced over 100 covers from Vogue to Rolling Stone, from Time to Harper’s Bazaar. In his archive in Manhattan he keeps millions of pictures and negatives, a very rich personal gallery that includes extraordinarily large format photographs. [Barbara Tassara]