The new outdoor collection by Houdini made in Polartec®, a special material, is an example of the growing trend of eco-sustainable, recyclable and high performing fashion

A collection of biodegradable, recycled and certified clothes is the result of the collaboration between Swedish outdoor brand Houdini Sportswear and Polartec®, brand specializing in cutting-edge tech materials.


The latest green proposal is Power Air™, turtleneck fleece jacket, soft on your skin, wear-resistant, performing, close-fitting, with hood and extended sleeves with thumb loops, perfect to be worn with layered items or on its own.

This cutting-edge collection in the field of sustainable design consists of state-of-the-art insulation fabrics that shed up to five times less fibers compared to the traditional fleece garments on the market while improving the performance of stretch fibers. [Text Giorgia De Sanctis]