And much more: for Emilia-based company Budri, marble is lightness, innovation and creativity

Budri, a company based in Emilia, is famous for having turned marble into a philosophy of life. By continuously investing in research and innovation, Budri manages to create new decorations and processes. As it treats the material like a precious fabric, Budri is able to make marble express all its beauty and authenticity.

Budri has collaborated in the creation of the best and most famous showrooms and clothing stores in the world working with the most famous designers and architects. The most famous made in Italy fashion brands have chosen amazing marble for their stores in the world.

Cône table, from the Papiro collection, by Budri

The results the company obtains from marble are truly amazing. Thanks to the most advanced technologies, marble creates unprecedented shapes such as lace or large slabs with amazing colors. In this way, marble reveals its nature as a material that can be light and manageable as well.

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Installation by Patricia Urquiola with marble by Budri at Marmomac

In 2011, almost by chance, Budri had the idea of using marble to create eyeglass frames. An adventure that began with a trivial accident – a broken slab – became a complete eyewear collection for women, in continuous evolution. Marble frames confirm the lightness of marble and offer an almost infinite range of colors and veining, as infinite are the varieties of marble.

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Budri Eyewear, with marble frame