Window, the award-winning decorative radiator by Cordivari Design, is perfect for the contemporary bathroom

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The collaboration with Pescara’s Università Europea del Design resulted in Window, the new decorative radiator by Cordivari Design. Awarded an iF Design Award in 2020 and a Red Dot Design Award in 2022, Window enhances and enriches Cordivari’s range of radiators with its innovative and ergonomic features.

The new decorative radiator by Cordivari Design is the brainchild of young Italian designers

Window stems from the company’s will to promote the creativity and ingenuity of young Italian designers while they are still studying. As a result, Cordivari’s Marketing and Communication Area collaborated with Pescara’s Università Europea del Design inviting Product Design students, coordinated by professor and designer Monica Alegiani, to design an innovative radiator.

Designed by Beatrice De Sanctis, the concept that is currently in production was shared with the Cordivari Research & Development Department, which has improved the radiator’s thermal performance without modifying the original project.

The characteristics of Window

Modular and ergonomic, Window is made of colored steel and is available in both water-operated and electric versions, making it suitable to different functional situations. Moreover, the endless customization options allow this radiator to meet different tastes and needs and adapt to any interior design style.

Window consists of a frame and a heating plate; thanks to the simple and functional design, the frame can be opened or closed as needed to transform the radiator into a towel warmer. Moreover, to further facilitate its use, the frame has a slightly lower temperature than the plate. Thanks to the ergonomic and functional study, the frame can be raised or lowered quickly and without mechanisms, making it extremely easy and convenient to use.

In addition to ergonomics and functionality, Window’s frame makes it possible to create a dynamic look, thanks to different finishing colors.

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termoarredo Cordivari Design