SIA, SUN and TTG Travel Experience: the tourism trade shows in Rimini

Space tourism, digital experiences, metaverse and nature: hospitality is on stage at Rimini Expo Centre with SIA, SUN and TTG

"Unbound" is the theme of the 2022 editions of TTG Travel Experience, SIA Hospitality Design and SUN Beach&Outdoor Style, the trade shows scheduled for October 12-14, 2022 at Rimini Expo Centre. Finally in person, finally without the restrictions on international travel. During the three-day fair, more than 200 events with 250 speakers will take place, divided into the seven arenas (Main Arena, Italy Arena, Global Village Arena, Be Active Arena, Design Arena, Camping Arena, Beach Arena).

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sia sun ttg rimini

CNR, the Italian National Research Council, will preview at TTG Travel Experience a study on the trends of ´Tourism 4’. Tourism 4.0 represents the evolution of hospitality services thanks to the enabling technologies of the IoT, big data and cloud computing for which specific NRRP (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) funds of 2.4 bn are provided. The CNR study will be structured in a series of contributions from the academic and business world of Italy and the Mediterranean area.

sia sun ttg rimini

Digital Innovation for the tourism of the future

The Digital Innovation Observatory for Cultural Heritage and Activities of the Politecnico di Milano will explore “The digital journey of the cultural tourist, between metaverse, NFT and never-ending experience”. The aim is to develop tools enabling the enjoyment of cultural content in museums and theaters; information search, purchase, and the tools used during and after the visit. Also the theme of the digitization of business models returns together with servitization in the work of the surveys of the Digital Innovation Observatory for Tourism of the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano. Lastly, Peppino De Rose, economist and professor of Tourism Business and International Markets at the University of Calabria, will discuss the opportunities that the NRRP and the 2021-2027 EU funding package reserve for the digital and sustainable development of Italian tourism.

sia sun ttg rimini

Nature and design at SIA Hospitality 2022

The schedule of events organized in the Design and Camping Arenas during the three days of the show includes “Micro-Hospitality in Nature. Intelligent and reversible architectures for nomadic travelers”. The desire for open air leads to designing outdoor spaces in a different way; landscape architect Davide Giorgi and Gianpietro Sacchi will deal with this topic in two conferences.

Lastly, architect Paolo Scoglio presents his eco-sustainable architecture modules. The Ne[s]t, his practice, specializes in structures in harmony with nature for glamping enthusiasts. These structures, despite their spartan appearance, are extremely refined environments for a new cocooning concept.

Nightsky, a project by The Ne[s]t

Reflet by Mirage, the reflective porcelain stoneware

At Cersaie 2022, Mirage presents Reflet, reflective porcelain stoneware for outdoor use

Reflet, designed and produced by Mirage in collaboration with architect Andrea Boschetti, is a collection of porcelain stoneware tiles featuring a reflective surface. Being resistant to weathering, it can also be applied outdoors. This material offers another possibility to enrich façades, not only with an innovative and technological material, but also with new, unusual effects. The collection is available in three different shades in the 20x60 cm size. The available finishes are Antique, with an antiqued mirror effect, and Sketch, with a matte effect and luminous finishes and accents.

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Reflet by Mirage, for outdoor use

The ADI Ceramics and Bathroom Design Award

The eighth edition of the ADI Ceramics and Bathroom Design Award honored Reflet as "a product of great decorative quality with multiple mirror effects that hark back to an ancient 18th-century tradition. Obtained from a series of complex processes by using the skills of local people."

Reflet by Mirage in the Antique finish, with an antiqued mirror effect

Therefore, to the requirements of sustainability and durability, Reflet adds versatility and beauty, thanks to its innovative reflective effect, which allows the architecture to blend into its surroundings. In this way, the surrounding environment, be it a natural landscape or an architectural interior, becomes an element interacting with the project, in a continuous play of mirrors. Reflet offers endless possibilities and the only limit to the project is the hand of the architect who carries it out.

Reflet comes in two finishes, Antique and Sketch

Signature Kitchen Suite showroom: a technological partner

Signature Kitchen Suite offers full consultancy service on technology to architects and interior designers at the Milan showroom

Signature Kitchen Suite is celebrating the second anniversary of its arrival in Italy and the opening of the Piazza Cavour showroom, in the heart of Milan. This space, the European hub of the high-end appliance brand part of the LG Electronics Group, has been created as a place for meeting, design consulting and training, technology and quality cooking.

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showroom signature kitchen suite
SKS showroom in Milan

"The decision to open the Signature Kitchen Suite showroom in the Brera area, one of the most important design districts, stems from LG's desire to get closer to the world of architecture. We are surrounded by many leading furniture brands and interesting collaborations and synergies have arisen with many of them. In our space, both the architect and the end customer can talk directly with the company, without intermediaries, and receive full consultancy on all home technologies," explains Manuela Ricci, marketing manager of Signature Kitchen Suite.

SKS: technology tailored to any project

At Signature Kitchen Suite’s Milanese hub, LG presents itself as a technology partner for projects in the residential, hospitality, and nautical sector. In fact, this year, it has launched the SKS Smart Concierge service, aimed at architects and interior designers. It is a service that offers free advice on the most suitable technologies for their projects, kitchen appliances, TV sets, audio-video devices, HVAC and photovoltaic systems. The advantage? The possibility for the architect to have a single "technological" interlocutor while staying updated on the latest innovations available on the market.

showroom signature kitchen suite
SKS built-in ovens

"When architects turn to us, they find much more than an appliance brand. Here, designers discover the entire LG world and come into contact with people from the company who can guide them in identifying the most interesting technological components for the project they are working on," Ricci continues.

showroom signature kitchen suite
SKS induction cooktop

The showroom designed by Calvi Brambilla features LG's most innovative premium products, such as the OLED R rollable TV, the Digital Signage electronic whiteboard, the latest washer-dryers, in addition, of course, to the full range of cutting-edge Signature Kitchen Suite appliances, including the latest products launched at this year's Eurocucina, such as the undercounter refrigerator and wine refrigerator, as well as some previews not yet available in Europe such as the pro range oven.

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SKS undercounter wine refrigerator

The showroom also provides some private rooms, available to architects by appointment.  "Those who do not have a studio in Milan, for example, can arrange appointments with their clients here."

Food and technology for healthier nutrition

Training sessions and team-building experiences can also be held in the Food Academy. "Our cooking school is a very special place because here we materialize the True to Food philosophy on which the brand is based. It is a philosophy that promotes healthy eating and conscious choice of ingredients. Here we can have people test the appliances while expressing the values that guide us."

Discover the Food Academy of Signature Kitchen Suite

True to Food installation for Milan Design Week 2022

The Food Academy also offers a rich calendar of cooking classes, wine and cocktail tastings, open to the public. "Although the showroom has a mainly B2B focus, it is important for us to open up to the city and involve people who love cooking and innovation. Our goal is not academic; with us, you won’t become a chef but you will discover quality ingredients and products, pick up storage and cooking tips, and learn how to diversify and respect seasonality," concludes Manuela Ricci.

The Food Academy at the SKS showroom in Milan

All this by using cutting-edge Signature Kitchen Suite appliances, such as the multifunction combi steam oven that offers multiple cooking modes including low-temperature cooking; the French Door refrigerator with a convertible drawer that becomes a refrigerator or freezer as needed, and the wine refrigerator range for perfect wine storage.

SKS wine refrigerator range

EQUIPHOTEL 2022: conscious hospitality

EquipHotel 2022 returns to Paris, Porte de Versailles, November 6-10

With more than 1,200 exhibitors, EquipHotel is the leading trade show for hospitality and catering dedicated exclusively to professionals, enhancing innovation and service excellence. In addition to the exhibition, EquipHotel offers conferences, seminars, and talks with experts to improve the quality of one’s offering.

equiphotel 2022

The main theme of this edition of EquipHotel is conscious hospitality. Territories, "slow tech" and "slow living”, energy saving and soft mobility are the new strengths of a facility that cares for the Guest Experience. Today, hotel and restaurant guests are increasingly environmentally conscious and look for all-around experiences. In this way, a hotel becomes a place not only to sleep, but also to work, create, relax, and perhaps immerse oneself in a different culture. Moreover, the same guest can have their lunch delivered to their room and dine at a gourmet restaurant on the same day or sleep in hotels of different categories, depending on the purpose of the trip. Therefore, it becomes essential to be flexible and adapt to changing needs.

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equiphotel 2022

The relationship with employees is also changing, and it is necessary to build loyalty among the staff in order to foster positive collaboration, which translates into a better management of the guest experience.

equiphotel 2022

EquipHotel 2022 has identified five priority themes for those who want to offer their customers a remarkable experience, standing out from competitors.

1) Sustainability

Sustainable development makes it possible to make a facility dynamic by focusing on local production and circular economy. Therefore, better management allows for benefits for everyone: hotel and restaurant managers, employees, guests, suppliers, and even the environment.

2) Becoming more attractive for the employees

Initial and continuing training, flexible working hours, incentive-based pay schemes, profit-sharing, recognition and other ways of rewarding their know-how are all effective tools and arguments to attracting young talent and retaining experienced staff.

3) Making digital technologies more human

Digitization proposes applications and solutions to simplify the day-to-day operations of hotel and restaurant professionals as well as improving performance and market position of establishments. However, digitization should foster human relationships, not make them disappear.

4) Beautiful spaces for well-being

In 2022, luxury equates with space, comfort, time, silence and nature. It’s a world where art and artisanship are at home and express the beauty of tradition.

5) Well-being at the heart of the hospitality offer

As guests are looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city, the hotel stay becomes a time of regeneration in the spa, thermal baths, surrounded by nature, breathing pure air that makes them be at peace with themself.

Casamirador Savassi in Belo Horizonte

Gisele Borgues Arquitetura designs Casamirador Savassi, a new sustainable housing model in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

casamirador savassi

In Belo Horizonte, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, Gisele Borges Arquitetura has designed Casamirador Savassi, a new residential building that includes 14 lofts and 24 studio apartments. The innovatively designed building is shaped like a pyramid and occupies a very narrow lot, thus developing in height.

A "tailored suit" for Casamirador Savassi

The façade of Casamirador Savassi has a second skin. In fact, the building is entirely wrapped in perforated aluminum slabs, an eco-friendly material with great aesthetic impact that enriches the local architectural landscape. The slabs are red in color, recalling of the raw ore in which Belo Horizonte and the entire Minas Gerais state are particularly rich.

Aesthetic research and sustainability

The aluminum sheets that cover Casamirador Savassi are perforated with holes of different sizes that, despite their asymmetry, are on the whole harmonious. The openings, in addition to having an aesthetic value, create in the interior spaces plays of light and shadow, which also ensure privacy. From the inside, in fact, it is possible to see what is happening outside. However, the view of the interior is completely obscured to those looking from outside.

casamirador savassi

Casamirador Savassi's aluminum panels feature large windows of different sizes, which create different geometric shapes on the façade. Moreover, each opening enables the proper passage of natural light and ventilation into the interior of the houses; thus, air conditioning is optimized to save energy.

Finally, the pyramidal building rests on a V-shaped pillar inspired by the designs of Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. In fact, Niemeyer used V-shapes to design his buildings very often, which thus became his signature.

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AIPI hosts the 30th General Assembly of ECIA - European Council of Interior Architects

From September 23-25, 2022, AIPI - Associazione Italiana Professionisti Interior designers hosts the 30th General Assembly of ECIA - European Council of Interior Architects in Florence

assemblea interior architects

AIPI - Associazione Italiana Professionisti Interior designers hosts the 30th General Assembly of ECIA - European Council of Interior Architects in Florence, September 23-25. ECIA is based in Brussels and currently represents 15 European members-organizations, including over 15.000 professional Interior Architects/Designers.

The protagonists of the General Assembly of ECIA

The big event will be attended by important guests linked to the world of Italian and international design. Participants include delegates from UNIFI Università di Firenze and leading representatives of the Interior Design course of Politecnico di Milano, POLIdesign., ELISAVA University Barcelona (ES), Royal College of Art London (UK), HSLU University Lucerne School of Art and Design (CH), University of Antwerp (NL), EKA Estonian University (EST), Atlantic Technological University (IRL). And many others. The event will also see the presence of IFI International Federation of Interior Architects (New York, USA). And through a digital platform, some of the delegates from major world organizations from the 4 continents will also participate online.

Discover IFI International Federation of Interior Architects

assemblea interior architects

ECIA project funded by the European Union

The meetings will address the new project by ECIA, BCSP - Building Connections for a Stronger Profession. This new program, funded by the European Union entails the creation of a common platform for cultural exchange between nations regarding the professional, legislative and educational aspects of interior design.

With BCSP, ECIA will therefore represent the reference point for interior design both in Europe and around the world. The interior design sector has been growing tremendously also in Italy and Florence in these days will be the place where the operational foundations to launch and develop this ambitious project over the next three years will be laid.

Thirty years of history and progress

The ECIA 2022 event, with the general assembly and the round tables, will retrace the thirty-year history of the European association, starting from its foundation in 1992 and the first conference, which took place in Barcelona in 1996. It will therefore celebrate its thirty years of history and evolution through the stories of ECIA's founders and current leading figures in global architecture and interior design.

assemblea interior architects

Sicam returns to Pordenone, October 18-21

SICAM 2022, the International Exhibition of Semi-finished Products for the Furniture Industry, returns to Pordenone

Among the few fairs that had a 2021 edition, SICAM returns to Pordenone Fiere from October 18-21, 2022. It is one of the most comprehensive fairs offering components, semi-finished products and accessories for the furniture industry. It is also one of the most international fairs dedicated to this sector in Italy, held in one of the most important furniture districts. In spite of the pandemic, SICAM 2021 had an excellent turnout of visitors. For the 2022 edition, the ten pavilions are already entirely occupied and the exhibition space is currently being expanded, with an extension of Pavilion 8, to meet the increase in participation requests.

SICAM is characterized by a simple yet very functional layout that allows companies to effectively present themselves and operators to organize their visit optimizing their time. As a result, professionals and decision-makers visiting the fair can find in the same space new products, innovative materials and advanced technologies. Moreover, Sicam showcases previews of the furniture trends of the following two years.

Discover Marmomac 2022

This year, more than ever, SICAM will be an appointment of excellence for designers, architects, buyers and journalists from all over the world. Operators are expected to arrive from the United States, Canada and Mexico; as for Africa, they will arrive from Kenya, Mozambique and South Africa; but also from Australia and New Zealand, and the Caucasian Republics of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. An unmissable showcase and a bridge to reach new markets and clients, what is expected from SICAM is the consolidation of the over 100 different countries of origin of furniture professionals already registered for years now in Pordenone, guaranteeing extremely broad and, above all, qualified international visibility to the participating companies.

Save the date: SICAM, Pordenone Fiere, October 18-21, 2022

The trends from the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022: the living area

Wallpapers, floors, tables, chairs and accessories: interior design trends for 2022

From the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022, trends for the living area confirm that interior design embraces the whole environment. So, interior design includes surfaces, floors and facings, furniture, tables, chairs, and accessories. In addition to natural materials, also sustainable, recycled and recyclable materials – sometimes resulting from years of research – are increasingly popular. In the following photo galleries, you will find a roundup of products for the living area from the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022.

Discover sofa and armchair trends

Walls and floors

Tables and chairs for the dining area

Lamps and accessories

Storage units and bookcases

Orgatec 2022 to come back October 25-29

Orgatec, the office and contract exhibition organized by Koelnmesse, returns to Cologne, October 25-29

Orgatec returns from October 25-29, 2022. The German biennial show dedicated to office and contract furniture has been missing from the international scene for four years as the last edition was held in 2018. Over the last four years, the international landscape has completely changed and the changes leading to digitization that were already underway have experienced a sudden acceleration. However, the last two years of forced pause due to pandemic have confirmed that people want to meet and to see the products in person. In fact, about 400 companies from around the world have confirmed their participation in Orgatec 2022; among them are some of the best Italian companies in the industry.

orgatec 2022
Orgatec 2018

Inspired Hybrid Office

The upcoming edition of Orgatec will have a special focus on hybrid and flexible work, and on smart technologies for communicating and organizing modern workplaces. The two-year pandemic has greatly affected the way we work, creating new habits such as working remotely whenever possible. Many companies would like their employees to return to their old offices, at least on a part-time basis, but employees return to their companies with a new set of experiences and different expectations.

Discover the trends from Orgatec 2018

orgatec 2022

It will therefore be necessary to find new work routines. Inspired Hybrid Office is the area where issues such as organizing the return to the office are addressed, from new dynamics of space distribution to new equipment. In fact, if employees spend less time in the office, desks will be used in a different way; also, there will be a greater need for devices for remote meetings and conversations, with video conferencing no longer intended only for an inner circle of executives.

orgatec 2022
Artemide booth at Orgatec 2018

Sustainability at Orgatec 2022

Sustainability will also play a prominent role both in the exhibition and in the many discussions and lectures that will take place during the show. Alternative and sustainable materials, and topics such as resilience and the circular economy will be the focus of the October 2022 show; the special Materials4Future exhibition area will feature solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of office furniture products.

Caimi booth at Orgatec 2022

Moreover, Orgatec 2022, with the Fraunhofer Institute, will also offer a symposium on "People in Spaces", with the additional possibility for trade visitors to take part in several thematic tours led by architects. Lastly, in addition to conferences, congresses, and tours, for the first time Orgatec 2022 will offer companies the opportunity to present new ideas, products, and services for the digitization of the building and real estate industry. There, the best solutions for architecture and smart buildings will be on display in a space that will bring together professionals from the real estate economy, experts and established companies from the construction industry.

Trends from Eurocucina and FTK 2022

Trends in kitchen furniture and appliances from Eurocucina and FTK 2022

Here is a roundup of trends in kitchen furniture and appliances emerged from Eurocucina 2022. As for furniture, the prevailing trends include natural materials and colors, for customizable and customized kitchens. Sustainability has become the most important feature for materials, resulting in an increasing attention to recycled and recyclable materials and demountable items for efficient disposal.

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What’s new in kitchen furniture

The new kitchen appliances

In the home appliance sector, the search for ever higher performance, energy-saving and increasingly efficient devices predominates. Several apps make it possible to optimize the use of these appliances, making life easier for less experienced cooks. Aesthetics is another strength of the new kitchen appliances, which are fully integrated with furniture.