The Relaunch of Lanificio Cerruti

Lanificio Cerruti is one of the most prestigious woolen mills in Biella, established in the heart of the city in 1881 by Antonio Cerruti, two brothers and a cousin.

The company led by Mr. Nino Cerruti took up the challenge of globalization even before the Internet and technology, working on an international scale without neglecting neither the local area nor the Italian manufacturing tradition.

Njord Partners has become the main shareholder of the company now led by its CEO Paolo Torello-Viera, born in Biella, and in 2018 it had a consolidated turnover of 60 million Euros.

This new course is celebrated with the collaboration with Filrus, specializing in the tailor-made service offered even at home, the possibility of customizing also large amounts of yarn (the company produces over 2,5 million meters of fabric each year) and to obtain small quantities for tailor’s shops in 24-48 hours. The latest product is represented by ‘smart fabrics’ containing elastane: they do not need ironing, are stain resistant and anti-drip, perfect for contemporary travelers.

Lanificio Fratelli Cerruti, with over 400 employees, has full control on the supply chain, from the choice of raw materials to the finished fabric, spun and drawn, made of precious wools – vicuna, alpaca, cashmere – and soft cottons, dyed with sustainable processes, certified by meticulous quality tests at each production stage.

The Piedmont-based woolen mill has become a multinational company that sells its products in over 100 countries while the production is entirely carried out in Biella and in Italy, confirming the worth of the brand as well as that of continuity. [Text Barbara Tassara]

Caveau, the Lamp by Icone Luce that Reinvents the Concept of Lighting

Caveau, the new lamp by Icone Luce, has won the international German Design Award for its cutting-edge technology

Icone Luce, a company specializing in lighting fixtures, reinvents light through cutting-edge technologies, high quality, attention to details. Thanks to these qualities, Icone Luce has won a prestigious international award, the German Design Award.

The winning product – which stood out in the lighting category – is Caveau, designed by Marco Pagnoncelli. It is a new concept of lamp: not a simple minimum size recessed lamp, no longer a concave space that accommodates a lighting body, but a product that combines the qualities of a spotlight with the size of a wall lamp and a brand new fully retracting system.

Caveau is an invention protected by industrial patent: with completely automatic opening and closure, it consists of a round element hinged to the wall, composed of a 6 mm thick disc that allows it to adhere to the wall.

When it is closed, it completely merges with the wall; when it is open, the disc is positioned at an angle chosen depending on brightness needs. Using minimum space, this lamp is characterized by easy installation and removal, with no need for masonry works. [Text Annamaria Maffina]

Communique Office, Biophilia Effect

Who doesn’t dream of being able to work in contact with nature? groupDCA architecture firm makes this dream come true with Communique Office, in Gurugram, India

It spreads over three floors and reflects the architectural principles of brutalism, besides being linked to the concept of biophilia, people’s innate tendency to establish a connection with nature and other living creatures.

In other to meet this need, New Delhi-based groupDCA designs floor-to-ceiling windows that, in addition to providing adequate lighting, allow the employees to come into contact with the surrounding nature.

Thanks to this attention to nature, the project puts resource and energy efficiency first, studying the best orientation for the building, the right lighting (with a correct use of glazed surfaces) and the most efficient air-conditioning and ventilation systems.

The massive wall on the western façade is insulated by a layer of glass wool and the windows are double-glazed to prevent excessive heat from entering the building.

The idea of transparency has informed also the layout of the offices, which are open-plan spaces, disregarding traditional notions of professional hierarchy.

The conference room, on the mezzanine floor, recalls the style of an amphitheatre. The upper floors house the workspaces within a two-floor volume, accommodating diverse functions.

The furniture is made of birch plywood, while the flooring is largely in limestone. The exposed air-conditioning ducts add an industrial touch to the space. [Text: Paola Molteni]

What to Expect from DDN Phutura at Fuorisalone 2019

DDN will be at the Fuorisalone during the Milan Design Week (9-14 April 2019). In the space surrounding the Sforza Castle, it will present DDN PHUTURA: an edutainment path featuring amazing installations

As we have announced in recent weeks, also this year Design Diffusion News will take part in the Fuorisalone during the Milan Design Week (9-14 April 2019). In the space surrounding the Sforza Castle, it will present DDN PHUTURA: an edutainment path that we are introducing you by revealing the first details.

Amazing installations will make visitors learn about the innovative solutions that favor the relationships between human beings, in a digital and immersive way, paying attention to the environment and using technology in the best possible way.

Privitera Eventi, a leading company in the design of venues for events

The entrance to DDN Phutura is represented by the two ‘Fenice’ greenhouses designed by Privitera Eventi, a leading company in the design of venues for events. Made of steel and clear polycarbonate, they will be installed on via Beltrami to welcome the visitors and immediately evoke the idea of attention to nature and transparent communication.

At the sunset they will be enlivened by light effects and performances of artists and musicians. They will respectively house a press area and a talk area that will host conferences on the themes of eco-sustainability and the design culture.

The two majestic ‘Fenice’ greenhouses will be fitted out with Metropolitan, the company’s latest collection of furnishings. They will be on display in the talk area, where visitors will be able to personally test armchairs, sofas, chaise longues, tables and poufs.

E-Lounge, the smart and multipurpose bench for all spaces

Another furnishing element on Piazza Castello will be represented by E-LOUNGE, the Repower benches designed by Lanzillo&Partners.

These smart benches offer a charging service for pedal-assisted bicycles and any kind of devices, while comfortably browsing thanks to the Wi-Fi hot spot. RePower has just won the German Design Award with E-LOUNGE, which expresses the metropolitan potential of experiencing urban spaces in a new way, from free time to smart working, offering passersby smart stops.

Francesco Morace with Futuro + Umano at DDN Phutura

The talk area will host prominent figures from different sectors. On Tuesday, 9 April, there will be Francesco Morace, a sociologist and an essayist who has been working for over 30 years in the fields of social and market research. Morace will bring to DDN Phutura his Festival della Crescita.

From 4:30 pm, with a welcome note by Rosa Maria Rinaldi, editor DDN, various speakers will follow one another dealing with topics such as Design 5.0 by Felice Limosani (digital storyteller), La vita latina alla Smart City (‘Latin life in the Smart City’) by Giulio Ceppi (Total Tool, curator of the exhibition Smart City), Il futuro del design tra robot e vasi di fiori (‘The future of design, between robots and flower pots’) by Mario Trimarchi (architect and designer) and Morace with Design= Futuro+Umano, his latest book.

DJ sets, concerts and artistic performances on the stage of Phutura Sound

In addition to DDN Phutura (Piazza Castello), the area dedicated to design, Piazza del Cannone (Parco Sempione) will host Phutura Sound, a palimpsest curated by Killer Kiccen and Unconventional Events, two prominent companies in the entertainment industry. Every night from 10 pm to midnight (2 am in the weekend), DJ sets, concerts and artistic performances will take place on the stage inspired by Teatro Burri, equipped with interactive 8m high wings on which images inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci will be projected. [Text: Giuseppe D’Orsi]

Interfacce del Presente: IED at the Milano Digital Week with a Digital Art Exhibition

IED Milano will take part in the Milano Digital Week, 13-19 March 2019, with a digital art exhibition on artificial intelligence

Membrane by Ursula Damm observes the public space through a camera, transforming the vision of reality according to the imagination process of artificial intelligence

Interfacce del Presente is the new exhibition curated by Tiziana Gemin and Fabio Paris, professors at IED Milano, with which Istituto Europeo di Design, from 13 to 19 March 2019, will take part in the second edition of the Milano Digital Week at the BASE Milano creative hub, via Bergognone 34.

The Chair Project by Philipp Schmitt (in collaboration with Steffen Weiss) shows images of chairs, resulting from the collaboration between artificial intelligence and a human designer

The exhibition presents a series of works concerning neural networks, able to learn autonomously and to produce their own contents. An interactive event that analyzes, through the works of 8 international artists, the relationship between humankind and machines in an age in which artificial intelligence and interactive systems are taking over. Technology has a deep influence on our daily lives, often carrying out many operations autonomously, regardless of the will of the individual.

Basic Emotion by Marco Cadioli presents a series of videos from one of the most popular databases of facial expressions used to train artificial intelligence to detect human emotions

The interaction between man and machine is very controversial. Depending on the school of thought, the emergence of inorganic intelligences among human beings could lead us to an epochal evolutionary leap or towards a dystopian future.

Imperfect Simulations by Anna Titovets explores the perception of time and the decoding of dream in the digital era

“Art has always had a symbiotic and constantly evolving relationship with the technological skills of a culture, redefining its own boundaries from time to time and questioning the role of the artist. The artistic exploration of new technological applications can help us understand the mutual relations between man and machine, also in relation to the increasingly social dimension of new technologies” – say the curators of Interfacce del Presente, Tiziana Gemin and Fabio Paris.

[Text Carlotta Russo]

Papirho, Paper Furnishings

Papirho is a new collection of furnishings that allows paper to transform the interiors

For those who look for a light environment and a natural and sustainable style, there is the Papirho line: furnishing elements made of raw paper that has been selected and processed so as to become waterproof. Practical home accessories that, thanks to their minimal packaging, can be carried easily and placed anywhere. [Text Anguilla Segura]


CIFF Guangzhou 2019: the furniture platform in China

CIFF Guangzhou 2019: the furniture platform in China

CIFF - China International Furniture Fair, the largest furniture platform in China, has reached its 43rd edition, held in Guangzhou in March. The 2019 edition of CIFF Guangzhou is divided into two phases. The first is held from 18 to 21 March, and is focused on home furnishings, garden and home decor; the second phase, from 28 to 31 March, is entirely dedicated to office and contract furniture.

A platform for the entire furniture supply chain

One of the features that makes CIFF unique is the presence of the entire furnishing chain: from home furnishing, to furnishing accessories, to furnishing fabrics, to outdoor furniture, to office furniture and CIFM/Interzum Guangzhou, dedicated to parts and machinery.

Thanks to the higher participation of companies from abroad, the cosmopolitan spirit of CIFF is confirmed: 3 halls, for a total area of 90,000 square meters, will be entirely dedicated to international products. Among these, an area will be totally dedicated to high-end design imported furniture, increasingly in demand and popular, thanks to the higher purchasing power of Chinese consumers.

CIFF thus becomes the mirror of a China that is growing rapidly, not only from the economic perspective but also, and above all, from the culture of good living. And so all the new Chinese trends will be represented here, as well as furnishing products that are increasingly in demand in terms of design and quality.

The new exhibition layout

The exhibition layout has been optimized; the first phase was implemented through the five main thematic sections and the seven spaces dedicated to trends: high-end import space, design fashion space, whole house custom space, soft decoration living space, leisure living space, efficient office space and smart home space.

Design Dream Show is the space dedicated to brands: traditional brands, brands of designers and emerging brands that focus on e-commerce. It will also focus on public wellness, green design and green marketing, and will integrate with technology to create domestic spaces with holographics.

Smart Home of Young People, created in collaboration with Liang Jinghua, internationally renowned designer and honorary consultant to the Hong Kong Indoor Designer Association and Tubatu, the largest web decoration platform in China, offers the most innovative and design solutions for the home of the most demanding and enterprising young people.

The second phase: office and contract

The layout of the exhibition area of the second phase dedicated to the Office Show will be further enlarged and optimized, with the addition of the Nanfung International Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Events and seminars

Finally, a rich programme of seminars, conferences and exhibitions offers operators a broad view of design trends. Home Furnishing Design Show, China Interiors & Decorations Conference, Global Garden Lifestyles Festival, Office Life Theme Pavilion. Not to mention the novelty of the year: Global New Home Products Theme Show, the thematic exhibition created in collaboration with specializing in customization, living room, dining room, bedroom and outdoor furniture.

Pop Love Fills the Streets with Color

From Milan to the Fidenza Village, the works by illustrator Camilla Falsini present a mix of shapes and colors

Pop love flooded the streets of Milan during the Fashion Week and it has just arrived at the Fidenza Village. In collaboration with Miart, the International fair of modern and contemporary art, it is possible to have an immersive art experience thanks to “Love,” Camilla Falsini’s installation.

The word ‘love’ seems old-fashioned today. Often we almost feel that we should feel embarrassed to use the word ‘love’ – says Camilla Falsini, one of the most important Italian illustrators. This is why I think that using art to communicate a strong message such as ‘Love’ is a bold choice.”

The Fidenza Village is filled with huge colorful urban installations that will be available to thousands of visitors throughout summer.

Moreover, Camilla Falsini’s ‘Love’ becomes an exclusive collection of scarves, designed with Kreativehouse. The colorful characters created by the illustrator as new expressions of love are now reproduced on silk. [Text Cristina Provenzano]

Casa Ojalà, the mini eco-sustainable house, at the Milan Design Week 2019

Casa Ojalà/Inhabiting the inifinite choice is a mini eco-sustainable house with extremely flexible interior architecture

Casa Ojalà_Canada

From 9 to 14 April, in the heart of the Brera Design District, the Post Design/Memphis Gallery will be presenting Casa Ojalà/Inhabiting the infinite choice, a project patented by the Milanese architect Beatrice Bonzanigo, of IB Studio. Casa Ojalà, a highly flexible mini house, will be showcased for the first time to the public during the Fuorisalone 2019, through a 1:10 scale model rich in textile, material and visual details.

Casa Ojalà_Argentina

The highlights of Casa Ojalà

Its name comes from Spanish, o-ha-la and Arabic وَشَاءَ ال – wašāʾa llà – and sums up the concept of capability. Casa Ojalà features two bedrooms, one double and one single, a bathroom, a living room with kitchenette and a terrace, all in 27 square meters. Sustainable and extremely flexible, it offers multiple solutions for small spaces. Each room can, in fact, be transformed into the other, thanks to sliding walls made of Wood-Skin and fabric, which roll up through pins placed at the end and in the center of the structure.

Casa Ojala_Iceland

The housing module can be changed according to requirements: by moving the walls you can change the internal configuration, you can eliminate walls, ceiling and even floor!

Casa Ojalà_Oahu island, Hawaii

There are about 20 different options to fully customise Casa Ojalà; moreover, the choice of local eco-sustainable woods and fabrics makes each apartment unique and original. Integrated by a septic tank, it is equipped with a rainwater harvesting system and can be equipped with solar panels.

Casa Ojalà_Socotra

The future is Casa Ojalá

Perfect as a support for luxury hotels that wish to offer to their guests alternative and inviting solutions, it is also ideal to enrich private properties with land, open countryside, mountains or sand dunes.

Casa Ojalà_Italy

Casa Ojalà is the home of everyone: perfect for families with children, young couples, travelers, star hunters, sportsmen, adventurers and romantics. An ideal project for those who love nature and want to interact without filters with what is around them.

[Text Carlotta Russo]

3D Configurator for Customized Furnishings

Ditre Italia launches its new 3D Configurator, the perfect tool to customize sofas and furnishings online

The new website features the 3D configurator, the result of the passion and work of Ditre Italia team, which aims to improve the user experience of the digital showcase. This tool has been designed for those who are not just looking for a high-quality product, but for a product that offers also high customization.

The 3D configurator allows you to modify and upholster in real time sofas, armchairs, beds and other accessories, customizing them in line with your needs and taste. It offers a 360° view, a zoom function and the automatic creation of a corresponding 3 drawing. Moreover, the possibility of saving your product and sharing its sheet with the company complete the functions of the brand new service launched by Ditre.

In line with professionals’ needs, the configurator makes it possible to download the projects in standard or HD quality and in different formats such as .obj and .jpg.

For each sofa various combinations of size and leather or fabric upholstery are possible. In addition, many different feet and armrests are available to better adapt the product to your home. If you would like to personalize your favorite model in complete freedom, click the Configurator section of the website on your desktop or mobile device and unleash your imagination. [Text:Giuseppe D’Orsi]