Aldo Cibic, Philipp Selva and the Petite Maison

How to outfit a small home with style and elegance: a webinar with Aldo Cibic and Philipp Selva

In recent years, apartments in urban areas have tended to be increasingly small, mainly due to the price of housing space in big cities. This is an established trend, which is unlikely to change, at least for some time. In the wake of this trend, spaces and furnishings are changing to adapt to new living habits.

Aldo Cibic, a world-class architect and designer, has already designed many small houses in London, Paris and Shanghai. One of the most interesting projects is his flat in Milan, in a former gatehouse. During the webinar with Philipp Selva, moderated by Francesca Russo, Cibic explained how the issue of small homes will be vital in the future.

The flat designed by Aldo Cibic in Milan (picture from

Due to increasingly high prices in the cities, says Cibic, it has become key to make even very small spaces elegant. But be careful: living in a miniature apartment is only possible in the center of a city, where coworking spaces, spots where you can eat without spending too much, and all necessary services are within reach. According to Cibic, under these conditions, it is possible to have a small yet beautiful house.

The flat designed by Aldo Cibic in Milan (picture from

The real challenge is to outfit with style and elegance such a tiny space. And this challenge was taken up by PhilippSelva entrusting Aldo Cibic with the design of a complete collection, Petite Maison. The Petite Maison designed by Aldo Cibic for PhilippSelva is a collection including multipurpose furnishings that can adapt to different needs. For example, a large sofa becomes a bed, while the table may be used to work, eat and even iron. On the contrary, chairs are small to fit into tiny spaces.

Aldo Cibic, Philipp Selva and the Petite Maison

However, Petite Maison is a collection that does not compromise on excellent quality. Its strengths will be beauty and elegance because also small spaces may be very beautiful. Moreover, everything will be customizable, from finishes to colors up to fabrics. The main wood will be ash from reforestation since sustainability is an essential value for PhilippSelva. And the pieces will last over time as quality and durability are both synonymous with sustainability.

The Petite Maison collection, by Aldo Cibic for PhilippSelva

The first Petite Maison collection by PhilippSelva will be ready in October and will be showcased in the new showroom in Bovisio Masciago, which will open in September. See you in autumn with the new Petite Maison collection and the new PhilippSelva showroom.

Below you will find the video of the webinar during which Aldo Cibic and Philipp Selva present the new collection and the underlying philosophy.

Featured image: Pont table, by Aldo Cibic for PhilippSelva

DDN SAFARI FEST: the blogger design festival

Despite the absence of the Salone del Mobile.Milano, DDN organized the blog safari: 10 international bloggers and magazines explored 8 brands with their products and collections. A collection of stories that can still be found in their Instagram Highlights and blog posts, for an authentic blogger design festival.

The fourth edition of the DDN Blog Safari, DDN SAFARI FEST 2020, was attended by:

Holly Becker – DECOR8


Agata Dimmich – PASSIONSHAKE

Desiree Groenendal – VOSGESPARIS



Roberta Mutti – DDN BLOG



Elisabetta Rizzato – ITALIANBARK


The companies that took part in the project are Cantori@cantori_spa, Casalgrande Padana, @casalgrandepadana, Cristina Rubinetterie, @CRISTINARubinetterie, Doimo Cucine, @DoimoCucineMaistri@Maistrilacucinaminotticucine@minotticucineQuadrodesign, @quadrodesign_official, and Viva Porte, @vivaporte.

CANTORI and the Shanghai collection

The Shanghai collection, a project by Maurizio Manzoni for Cantori, revolves around a vertical rod in hand-wrought iron. A detail that gives a strong identity to a collection including living and sleeping areas. Sofas with fine fabrics, sideboards with wood doors, sober and elegant beds; warm and matching colors, precious details.


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Casalgrande Padana and antibacterial surfaces

Bios Ceramics, by Casalgrande Padana, is the new generation of bioactive, certified and eco-friendly ceramics. Bios Ceramics collections by Casalgrande Padana are porcelain stoneware collections for flooring and wall covering that, thanks to a special treatment, can remove up to 99.9% of the four most common bacterial strains, becoming perfectly hygienic.


Cristina Rubinetterie and the metropolitan atmosphere

The blogger design festival’s section dedicated to the bathroom opens with the East Side collection, designed by Angeletti Ruzza for Cristina Rubinetterie. Inspired by the atmospheres of metropolitan homes, it is characterized by big levers and a knurled surface. Available in different glossy or brushed matt finishes.


Doimo Cucine: versatile and rigorous

The blogger design festival’s section dedicated to kitchens is very rich. Let’s start with the Doimo kitchen, a special place that has to be adapted to one’s needs. The high craftsmanship skills of this 100% Made in Italy brand make it possible to create endless compositions suitable to one’s needs. The design of Doimo kitchens starts from the doors, available in different materials, finishes, colors and openings. Surfaces are in wood, stone, bronze transparent glass, available in different finishes and colors: black porcelain stoneware, basalt grit, oak, in the graphite, malt and white versions. Colors are also inspired by nature, from ice to leaden skies to fog, while lit backsplashes enliven the space. Details further define the style of Doimo Cucine: the Rail handle simulates vertical and horizontal grooves creating a play of lines and depths, while the tall units with glass fronts are embellished by the back panel in Synchroface planked oak Pepe.

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Maistri: the essential kitchen

The Viva kitchen by Maistri is characterized by extreme rigor and a rational design. The corners are equipped to make the best use of available space and pocket doors make it possible to use all the space. Walls feature panels that can accommodate various types of equipment depending on one’s needs. Handleless doors are perfectly smooth for an essential design.

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Minotticucine: the strength of Terra

It is really hard to define a project like Claudio Silvestrin’s Terra for minotticucine as a kitchen. The total absence of handles and grips as well as the absolute dominion of matter make Terra a sculpture that dominates the space despite the subtraction work. Cast bronze becomes a living material that reveals its identity only when needed.


Quadrodesign: a simple material

Stainless steel dominates the Valvola01 series, designed by Studio Adolini for Quadrodesign. Inspired by typical shape of gas valves, this series includes all necessary versions: for washbasin, shower, bathtub, for any interior design need, both for residential and contract use.

Viva Porte: more than a simple door

Bellagio sliding doors, inspired by the light of the landscape of lake Como, are characterized by ultrathin aluminum frames with different finishes. Panes, either fixed or sliding, may be transparent, smoky, frosted or bronzed. Thanks to the light frames, walls divide spaces allowing for visual continuity of the surrounding landscape. Viva Porte offers many collections of sliding doors and walls, as well as full-opening pivot doors for spectacular living areas. In this way, it is possible to separate spaces or to preserve spatial and visual continuity.


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Doimo Cucine: the kitchen is the heart of the home

Also for globetrotters the kitchen is the heart of the home: Doimo Cucine interprets spaces with versatile compositions

In all the houses of the world, the kitchen is the place where we gather. It is the heart of the home, a relaxing room, a place linked to tradition and memory. In the kitchen we also read and work, and we have social relations. There we meet, we prepare and eat meals – it is the place where we spend more time together.


Doimo has exactly this idea of the kitchen: a special place that has to be adapted to one’s needs. The high craftsmanship skills of this 100% Made in Italy brand make it possible to create endless compositions suitable to one’s needs. The design of Doimo kitchens starts from the doors, available in different materials, finishes, colors and openings.


Surfaces are in wood, stone, bronze transparent glass, available in different finishes and colors: black porcelain stoneware, basalt grit, oak, in the graphite, malt and white versions. Colors are also inspired by nature, from ice to leaden skies to fog, while lit backsplashes enliven the space. Details further define the style of Doimo Cucine: the Rail handle simulates vertical and horizontal grooves creating a play of lines and depths, while the tall units with glass fronts are embellished by the back panel in Synchroface planked oak Pepe.

Doimo Cucine Aspen + D23 composition

For open-plan spaces, a composition where the sink is placed in front of the cooktop is perfect to concentrate operative spaces in a well-defined area. The snack counter provides an additional surface for quick meals and breakfast. A pocket door conceals appliances for a minimal kitchen. The groove handle that extends onto the side panel and sink cabinets in porcelain stoneware give a sculptural feel to the volumes, while the drawers guarantee order.


D23 composition

A kitchen with a plain design characterized by a monobloc effect given by toflush-to-the-floor doors in engraved oak with push/pull opening. Double height wall units in Fenix FTM make the space very dynamic.


Homi Outdoor Home&Dehors will be back safely in September

From 19 to 22 September 2020, Homi Outdoor Home&Dehors will be back with new safety protocols and the new Fiera Milano Platform

Homi Outdoor Home&Dehors confirms the 2020 edition, with new measures to manage accesses and visitor flows. The new routes will affect both the access to the hall and the management of communal and refreshment areas. All spaces have been adapted to the new standards required by the Covid-19 health emergency.

Homi Outdoor Home & Dehors 2019

During Homi Outdoor Home&Dehors 2020, there will be the launch of Fiera Milano Platform, a new platform dedicated to the community of the involved supply chains: exhibitors, visitors, buyers, journalists, bloggers and opinion leaders.

The project includes an ecosystem of services such as the improvement of the contents of the event’s websites and social media profiles. The new tools will make it possible to present trends and products in the best possible way, through pictures and reports, a synergy between in-person and digital meetings. There will also be a digital map of the event enabling remote access, and real-time direct negotiations. Finally, Fiera Milano has implemented a series of tools to make the visit easier. Among them, a map that monitors flows and routes in the halls for better interaction between buyers and exhibitors, and a new exhibition center app to access several services (reservations for parking and food service, etc.).

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Homi Outdoor Home & Dehors 2019

Another new aspect is represented by the support offered by Fiera Milano to companies in order to encourage them to participate in the exhibitions. Thanks to the agreements signed with some banks, Fiera Milano wants to provide tangible support to companies to help them recover after these difficult months.

Homi Outdoor Home&Dehors: the products

The 2020 edition of Homi Outdoor Home&Dehors presents a wide range of products for contemporary living, in all its forms, both indoors and outdoors. There will be room for Made in Italy creativity, from traditional products to the latest designs.

Homi Outdoor Home & Dehors 2020

Moreover, for this edition, Homi Outdoor Home&Dehors has designed new initiatives to be increasingly closer to companies and professionals in such an important moment. Among them, the Community project offers companies a platform for continuous visibility creating a complete digital hub that will always be available to all players in the sector.

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Homi Outdoor Home & Dehors 2020

HOMI Outdoor is dedicated to professionals with proposals for any area of the house: from the balcony to the terrace, the garden and the rooms. An open and versatile project that highlights the latest trends for decoration, complements, objects, for indoor and outdoor use.

Save the date and see you at Rho-Fieramilano from 19 to 22 September for Homi Outdoor Home&Dehors.

Pratic: the new Slide Glass 60 series of glass doors for verandas

Openness and protection for really comfortable outdoor architectures

The human brain has always loved the pergola by nature. This is what emerges from Pratic’s third neuroscientific research study, “Design for Wellbeing - Semiosi delle forme”, which contains important news for the world of living space design and those who love open-air life.

The pergola is the only architecture that is capable of perfectly balancing the needs of the right and left hemispheres of the brain, by combining openness and protection, focal and panoramic vision, the geometry of spaces and the possibility of moving freely. Conditions dictated by evolutionary and survival processes, which today translate into a natural feeling of well-being in outdoor living spaces.


Precisely to enhance the natural characteristics of outdoor structures, the company has decided to innovate and improve its collection of glass doors for verandas, Slide Glass 60. One of the most appreciated accessories from the range, which protects the pergola’s perimeter from rain and wind, offering the possibility of creating outdoor spaces that can be enjoyed throughout the year offering complete visibility with neither visual nor architectural impact.


Slide Glass 60 system of glass doors for verandas

The Slide Glass 60 system has been developed and industrialized by Pratic R&D division: its functional and structural features have led to five new patent applications, which confirm Pratic’s vocation for innovation and research.

Slide Glass 60 is a system of panoramic glass doors sliding on rails, made of light tempered glass, characterized by a minimal design. Equipped with perimeter profile customizable in the over thirty colors from Pratic’s color range, its glass doors allow for modular planning suitable for covering big surfaces. When closed, the doors offer impeccable protection from infiltration, wear and tear, salt fog, drafts and strong winds: high performance is always guaranteed by the tests carried out by Istituto Giordano, which, with the CE certification, validated the extraordinary performance of this project, which passed the tests of air (Class 2), water (Class 1A) and wind permeability (Class 1).


There are also accessories to customize Slide Glass 60 glass doors for verandas and the possibility of integrating them with other Pratic products such as the Set platform and Zip Raso vertical awnings. It is also possible to choose from among different finishes such as smoky, burnished or frosted glass. The same technology characterizes the two variants designed to freely customize one’s project: Fix Glass, made of fixed panels, and Door Glass, the hinged door without perimeter profiles, that can be freely programmed into single/double solutions and with/without fixed panel. Cutting-edge solutions that make it possible to create sheltered outdoor spaces where you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views and unparalleled climatic comfort as well as energy efficiency for lighting, ventilation and heating.


Milton Glaser: Italian art and graphic design

On June 26th, 2020, Milton Glaser, world-famous graphic designer with a special love for Italy, died on his 91st birthday

A pure New Yorker, Milton Glaser is famous all around the world for the "I love New York" logo he designed in the late Seventies to relaunch the city, whose fame at that time was declining. Even today, this logo is among the most famous images linked with New York, printed on t-shirts, cups, hats and gadgets of different kinds.


Other American symbols that have become really popular are the poster of Bob Dylan that Milton Glaser designed for the cover of his album “Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits” in 1966 or more recently the poster of Barak Obama.


Milton Glaser and Italy

Milton Glaser had also a special connection with Italy. His language, which revolutionized the world of contemporary graphic design, has its roots also in Italian history of art.

In the early Fifties, Milton Glaser attended the Accademia delle Belle Arti di Bologna, where he met Giorgio Morandi. His special passion for Piero della Francesca resulted into an exhibition titled Milton Glaser Piero della Francesca. This exhibition, organized to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Piero della Francesca’s death, consisted in a series of watercolor paintings; after its inauguration in Arezzo, it was presented in Milan and New York.


Graphic and product design

Among his countless advertising projects, a special space is dedicated to design and made in Italy. In 1982, Glaser designed a series of posters for the furniture collection created by Ettore Sottsass for Knoll.


Also Olivetti had several campaigns designed by Milton Glaser, from the famous "Mourning Dog", dedicated to the Valentine typewriter in 1968, to many other campaigns created for other products.


Finally, in more recent times, Milton Glaser paid a tribute to made in Italy with the poster dedicated to the Vespa’s 50th anniversary. His immense production contributed to radically changing the world of graphic design, creating universal symbols shared all over the world.

The Petite Maison by Aldo Cibic for Philipp Selva

Philipp Selva and Aldo Cibic join forces to present the “petite maison” designed by Aldo Cibic and produced by PhilippSelva, the brand dedicated by South Tyrolean company Selva to the high-end segment. This project is dedicated to small apartments in big cities, meeting the practical needs of a client base mainly consisting of young people.

During the webinar organized by DDN, Aldo Cibic and Philipp Selva will explain how the concept of the new collection for 2020 was born and how is developed. This collection will be displayed in the showroom near Milan that will open soon.

The new showroom, which will open in September, is located in Bovisio Masciago, a strategic position near Milan and quickly reachable from the Malpensa airport, and will be entirely dedicated to Aldo Cibic’s new collection dedicated to small spaces.

This webinar allows architects to earn 1 CFP professional training credit. For this reason, it is necessary to register in advance by clicking on the following link:

Design Diffusion Digital Events

Once you have registered you will receive the GDPR data processing conditions.

AlbaComponents: innovative furniture

The innovative, technological and functional furniture and complements by AlbaComponents

The innovative capability of Metalmeccanica Alba represents one of the pillars on which the real added value of AlbaComponents is based, with its range of components for chairs, benches, tables, complements, for the home, the office, contract and public spaces. Each product intends to meet current market’s requirements as well as anticipating future needs, and results from a process engaging all the company’s collaborators. The expertise of different people gives a substantial contribution to the transformation of the materials into functional furnishing solutions, allowing the brand to create an ‘evolved’ collection every day.

The value of every product by AlbaComponents is given by the continuous investment in cutting-edge technology as well as the entirely made in Italy production, carried out in the plant in Treviso, the collaboration with internationally renowned designers, and, the R&D department’s ability to change their viewpoint and to focus on increasingly ambitious goals.

Wing, the beautiful and comfortable winged chair

Wing is the new chair by AlbaComponents for domestic and contract environments, designed to be beautiful yet extremely comfortable and functional at once. Its two distinctive wings offer an interesting aesthetic impact, a comfortable and enveloping seat, and great functionality. With its unique design it stylishly furnishes every room, also thanks to the 5 different color variants of the shell: ivory, coral, black, blue, mud. Its particular wing shape invites you to comfortably sit there while making it easy to move, clean, and stack – useful requirements for contract use.

Tipper, the extremely handy table

Tipper is the new table by AlbaComponents designed for meeting rooms, with three key characteristics that make it extremely functional. The pivoting foot makes it easy to horizontally stack different tables and the lock-unlock handles placed on both sides make it possible to tilt the table with one hand, which makes it even more handy.

The Tipper table is available in three beam lengths (1,200 – 1,500- 1,800 mm) and two leg widths (750 mm or 600 mm) making it suitable to any need. Moreover, two models are available for the leg: T-shaped for the Classic version and V-shaped for the Pro version, both available in several colors. As to the optional accessories, modesty panels, bookshelves and linking devices for joining table tops are available.

Nexus, the bench with an essential design

Nexus is the innovative bench entirely made in metal, perfect for any public space such as waiting rooms. Characterized by an essential design, it offers comfort and stability. Nexus has a one-piece structure entirely made of metal, with openwork shell, available in 4 finishes. Since it is easy to clean, it is perfect for public spaces used by many people. Last but not least, the quality of the Nexus bench by AlbaComponents is certified by CATAS.

E:usb and your smartphone is always fully charged

Finally, E:usb is a complement that allows you to charge your smartphone and tablet in public spaces. Black and gray, with a minimalist style and rounded shape, it can charge two devices simultaneously. Suitable for any type of bench with an 80×40 cm beam.

Quadrifoglio Group: privacy and quiet with soundproof booths

X-Change soundproof booths by Quadrifoglio Group offer privacy and comfort in open-plan spaces

In recent years, workspaces have been facing ongoing changes due to different ways of conceiving work. Form remote working to coworking spaces, to traditional open-plan spaces, workplaces require projects designed with new criteria.

X-Change, system of soundproof cabins by Quadrifoglio Group, in different sizes

The most popular trend among international companies consists in sharing open-plan spaces where flexibility and interconnections favor maximum productivity. As if the physical office took on the function of a transitional space where people can interconnect and collaborate in total freedom. However, this new approach to work creates the need to isolate oneself and find privacy for calls, meetings, and moments of personal concentration.

Discover the human-friendly office by Quadrifoglio Group

Isolated soundproof meeting room from the X-Change system by Quadrifoglio Group

Soundproof booths have been designed to meet these needs, as perfectly isolated small rooms recalling telephone booths. Soundproof booths are perfect for calls or meetings where privacy is fundamental, either alone or with other people.

A soundproof booth for small meetings from the X-Change range by Quadrifoglio Group

Privacy and quiet are guaranteed

Quadrifoglio Group has designed X-Change, a system of soundproof booths of different sizes ranging from 1m x 1m to 3m x 4m. The booths belonging to the X-Change system perfectly integrate with other Quadrifoglio Group product ranges, allowing you to have stylistically uniform and technologically functional furnishings. The acoustic performance of these booths is similar to that of the XW partitions.

“Telephone booths” from the X-Change system by Quadrifoglio Group

Soundproof booths are perfect to improve comfort and productivity in the workplace. Thanks to their glass walls, they isolate without closing, increasing productivity and boosting concentration. The ideal solution to offer privacy only when needed, preserving the spirit of shared workspaces.

Discover the human-friendly office by Quadrifoglio Group

InsideOut: architecture and design according to Progetto CMR

Architecture, design, urban planning: Progetto CMR and contemporary design

It is easy to say architect. Actually, a contemporary architect is a thousand things at once and an international architecture firm must be experienced in many complementary disciplines. Progetto CMR is a multidisciplinary company, founded in Milan in 1994, with offices all over the world, which includes architects, space planners, interior designers, experts in process management, mechanical and electrical engineers, industrial designers, Leed APs and BIM specialists. All this makes Progetto CMR a company with an integrated design approach, putting together architecture, engineering and design.

In this way, people with different skills work on the same project instead of having a single architect working on every aspect. The project becomes a “tailored dress” created to meet the clients’ needs. Before designing, Progetto CMR studies and analyzes the client’s requests to develop precise and accurate projects where nothing is left to chance.

The book InsideOut is a monograph celebrating the 25th anniversary of Progetto CMR through the analysis of the projects that have been carried out over the years. This volume illustrates the design method at the heart of the products, offices, residences, leisure spaces, master plans and urban plans designed by the firm.

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Some numbers

Currently, Progetto CMR has 10 offices all over the world, 160 collaborators including architects, engineers, designers, 1,500 clients. It has developed 2,800 projects totaling 30 million sqm of buildings and 7 million sqm of offices, in addition to 250 million sqm of master plans.

Progetto CMR International is the holding company that controls all the companies of the group. Progetto CMR works in the architecture, engineering and design fields in Italy and abroad. Sportium designs and build next generation sports facilities, while Future Business Net is a web agency specializing in communication. Progetto Design&Build consolidates Progetto CMR’s experience in the design of workplaces and, finally, Bim Factory completes the Bim process (Building Information Modeling).

InsideOut, Progetto CMR 25Years Special Edition, is a book edited by Emilia Prevosti and Fabrizio Todeschini (Edimotion), published by DDW - Design Diffusion World. To buy you copy, please write to

Read also our interview with Massimo Roj about the health emergency and remote working