BigMat International Architecture Award 2023

Big news for the BigMat International Architecture Award 2023: new prizes and categories to enhance small- and large-scale architecture

Melopee School. International Architecture Award 2021 Grand Prize. Ph: Maxime Delvaux

The BigMat International Architecture Award comes with a new format, new categories and new prizes. One of the most important competitions in Europe, it will enhance architecture in all its shapes and sizes, both large- and small-scale.

Register for the BigMat International Architecture Award 2023

Registration for the BigMat International Architecture Award 2023 will be open until April 27. Conceived and promoted by the BigMat Group, the biennial competition is focused on the works that have made a considerable contribution to contemporary architectural culture.

The competition considers impressive large-scale works and “everyday” smaller interventions, supporting high-quality architecture in its various forms. BigMat therefore wants to reward all those works, large and small, capable of redesigning the urban landscape with spaces that convey innovative, sustainable values, comfort, housing well-being and energy efficiency.

Bigmat International Architecture Award
Pirelli Learning Center. National Prize Italy 2021. Ph: Filippo Romano, Helene Binet

What's new for the 2023 edition: new prizes and awards

BigMat reshapes the international awards with the aim of enhancing both categories at the same time.

In fact, this new edition will feature two Grand Architecture Prizes, each worth 30,000 euros: one for projects in the "Small-Scale Residential Architecture" category and the other for those in the "Large-Scale Architectural Works" category.

Moreover, this year, the "Small-Scale Residential Architecture" category will also include single-family dwellings (newly built or renovated/expanded) and small-scale residential projects containing up to 12 residential units and/or a maximum built area of 1,200 sqm.

Special Mention for Small-Scale Projects 2021. Casa O Fieiro. Ph: Alfonso Quiroga

The regulation

Works created between January 1, 2019, and January 1, 2023, in Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Spain – the seven countries where the BigMat brand operates – can be entered in the competition.

In the first phase, the jury will select 140 works (70 for each of the two categories). Then, it will announce the seven winners from each country and both categories from the 14 finalist works.

Among these seven, only one will win the BigMat International Architecture Award 2023. This year, a Special Mention will also be awarded to young architects aged under 40.

The jury of the BigMat International Architecture Award 2023

The entries will be judged by an international panel made up of leading figures in the industry from the seven countries taking part in the competition. It will be chaired by Jesús Aparicio, architect and professor at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, with Jesús Donaire, architect and professor at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, as the Awards Secretary. The jury also includes Enrico Molteni (Italy), architect and professor at the Architecture and Design Design department of the University of Genova; David Van Severen (Belgium), architect and founder of OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen; Petr Janda (representing the Czech Republic and Slovakia), architect and founder of Brainwork; Gilles Delalex (France), architect and principal at Muoto Architecture Studio; Nuno Brandão Costa (Portugal), architect and professor; Ángela García de Paredes (Spain), architect and founder of Paredes Pedrosa Arquitectos, professor at the Project Design department of the  ETSAM in Madrid.

The awards ceremony that will take place in November 2023 coinciding with the Annual Congress of the BigMat International Group.

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Wonderforest Nature Preschool Palette Architecture

Wonderforest Nature Preschool: nature for children

In Brooklyn, Palette Architecture designs Wonderforest Nature Preschool, a preschool that fosters play experiences in contact with nature

Wonderforest Nature Preschool Palette Architecture

In Prospect Heights, a neighborhood of New York City’s Brooklyn district, Palette Architecture designs Wonderforest Nature Preschool, a preschool that promotes play, tactile and sensory experiences in contact with nature.

Wonderforest Nature Preschool, an advanced school concept

Peter Miller, founding partner at Palette Architecture, explains: “Nature education at an early age is so important, particularly at this moment in time when our youngest generations are destined to contend with rising environmental challenges. As a complement to the school’s innovative program centered around outdoor excursions to nearby Prospect Park, we have endeavored to take the ethos of that style of education and to bring it indoors. The project strives to unite the principles of a forest school with the constraints of the built environment. A key strategy was to provide an abstracted nature that reflects the palette and textures of nature through simplified biophilic forms. The children learn by interacting with water, trees, dirt, and landscape. The primary play areas were designed to provide the same range of experience found in the park.”

Wonderforest Nature Preschool Palette Architecture
The Forest

An environment to be explored

The Wonderforest Nature Preschool facility is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows that illuminate the spaces with natural light in order to establish visual connections with the outdoors. Common play areas, surrounded by greenery, are flanked by a long corridor leading to the classrooms. The classrooms, also lit with natural light thanks to interior windows, overlook the corridor, allowing teachers to oversee the children during their activities.

Wonderforest Nature Preschool Palette Architecture

Playing, learning, educating

At Wonderforest Nature Preschool, communal play areas invite children to engage in stimulating, multi-sensory group adventures. The first play area at the entrance is The Forest, a hill of artificial grass that features swing sets, obstacle courses, and abstracted wooden trees. Continuing down the corridor is The Greenhouse, a section where children engage in the care and growth of a variety of plant species.

Wonderforest Nature Preschool Palette Architecture
The Wetland

Finally, the last area is The Wetland, a space designed specifically to encourage young children to immerse themselves in tactile and sensory activities. Inside are a child-sized water table and a mud kitchen.

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Quadrifoglio Group wins the Good Design Award 2022

The Compasso chair by Quadrifoglio Group has been awarded the Good Design Award by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design

quadrifoglio group

Quadrifoglio Group has won the Good Design Award in the Furniture category with Compasso, the chair born from the creativity of Studio Dorigo Design. The project stood out for the peculiar structure of the rear legs, which, at an angle of 25°, resemble a compass.

What is the Good Design Award?

The Good Design Award is among the most prestigious and renowned design awards in the world. Now in the 72nd edition, it is organized annually by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design in collaboration with the European Center for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies, and Metropolitan Arts Press, Ltd. Founded in Chicago in 1950 by architects Eero Saarinen, Charles and Ray Eames, and Edgar Kaufmann Jr, the Good Design Award rewards the most innovative products in terms of sustainability, materials, construction, concept, function, utility, sustainability, aesthetics.

quadrifoglio group

Compasso, the wooden chair by Quadrifoglio Group

Quadrifoglio Group’s Compasso is a chair characterized by a sinuous and innovative form, ideal for both living areas of private homes and public spaces of restaurants and hotels. The sections of its front legs are triangular at the base and square in the connection with the seat. The rear legs, with a triangular section as well, are made of a single piece of wood that changes along the height, creating a 25° angle that defines the outline of a geometric compass. Variation is also found in the backrest, where the curved panel has a differentiated thickness.

Compasso is made of ash in Oak, Walnut, Shadow Grey and White. Its seat can be made of wood as the base or be padded and covered with a wide selection of fabrics and leather.

Made in Italy quality always triumphs

The result of careful design and research, this prestigious award testifies internationally to the constant commitment of Quadrifoglio Group in proposing furnishing accessories capable of giving added value to the environments thanks to an innovative design completely Made in Italy.

From March 31st, the day of the official award ceremony, Compasso will be exhibited for one year in the permanent collection of The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design in Athens.

imm cologne Spring Edition 2023

imm cologne will be back June 4-7, 2023 with many new features also thanks to the concept conceived by creative director Dick Spierenburg

The next edition of imm cologne will be held June 4-7 and will be the "spring" edition. It will be a B2B-only event, with end consumers by invitation only. The trade fair will take place over four days and the focus will be mainly commercial.


imm cologne spring edition 2023 will be dedicated to the entire interior design sector, for a return of the fair in style. In fact, the June weather will allow for even more city involvement for a lifestyle event.

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imm cologne 2020, the latest physical edition

What does the future of the imm cologne look like? Interview with Dick Spierenburg, Creative Director of imm cologne 2023.

In summer 2022, imm cologne embarked on a journey towards a renewal of its traditional trade fair brand. Why was that important from your point of view?

The last few years have certainly turned the world upside down and with it our lives. But many things have also only come up as a result of the last few years that had remained hidden for a long time. That's why we are now forced to change things and radically question decades-old traditions. There is certainly not just one right way, but it is important to set out now! For us, this means proceeding step by step, trying things out, always adapting, learning, moving forward and never losing sight of the goal – that is the path we are now taking and the Spring Edition is the starting point.

Where will the Spring Edition set new accents?

In the home sector, which is certainly larger, the focus is more classically on business. Here the fair serves as an order platform. Supply and demand are matched at a high international level. In the Pure segment, the focus will be on design, inspiration and networking. In this way, we are redefining the term business in the Pure section. In addition to the products, I think it is important to have other inputs and to talk about the topics that are prevalent in our industry. For example, we need to talk not only about sustainability, but also about materials.

The question is whether we need so many new products every year or whether we can't be more modest when it comes to developing things and changing their look to keep them new. So, we have to discuss the topics that are important for the industry and that I see as the task of our fair. And all this in a very compact time frame.

For decades, the heart of Pure was Hall 11 - doesn't the new Galleries concept demand a profound rethink from visitors and exhibitors?

With the new creative stand construction concept, which has been developed exclusively for the Spring Edition, the most visible change is certainly taking place in the area. Yes, this is certainly a big step for all of us, but, if we want to shape the future of imm cologne, the transformation must certainly take place in the halls, but above all the exhibitors and visitors must be ready for this transformation. The Spring Edition offers enormous potential to try out new, more experimental things.

Pure Galleries is a compact, creative concept that perfectly suits furnishing brands with high demands on their brand identity. It is a very modern way to present their current products to target groups, e.g., for the German market. COR, KFF, Brühl & Sippold, and Signet, renowned German companies, have already opted for the new presentation concept.

From my point of view, the focused concept also makes sense for Italian exhibitors who want to place special products on the German market. In addition, the format also offers the opportunity to think. Here I could imagine themes like colour or material or the interplay between classics and new designs. When developing the concept, I was inspired by the appearance of art galleries or art fairs. The aim is to create a high-calibre presentation world of minimalist, customizable brand spaces.

Pure galleries imm cologne Spring Edition 2023

Besides the new Pure Galleries hall concept, events are also an integral part of the "new" imm cologne. What has already been planned for the Spring Edition in the events segment?

From my point of view, the pure presentation character is passé. imm cologne's Next Generation will illuminate and discuss the themes of "living, furnishing and how we will live in the future" in numerous formats - from different perspectives. The platform idea is a key criterion that will characterise the trade fairs of the future: In the future, platforms will enable active participation in what happens at the fair, they will connect exhibitors and visitors beyond the hall floor, they will enable and intensify dialogue. That's why the Speakers Corner and the Café are the central meeting point in the middle of Hall 11. On the Speakers Corner stage, the audience can expect specialist lectures, presentations and discussion rounds on industry-relevant topics, innovations and developments throughout the entire duration of the fair. At the end of the first day of the fair, exhibitors and trade visitors can then look forward to the vernissage in the Pure Galleries area in Hall 11. The first day of the fair will also see an open-air event on the Piazza.

How will the journey continue in 2024?

With the lessons learned from the Spring Edition, exhibitors and visitors will be able to look forward to imm cologne 2024. One thing is already certain: next year, Germany's biggest interior fair will return to the familiar date and will once again ring in the new furnishing year in January. From Sunday, 14 to Thursday, 18 January 2024, however, the fair will be shortened to 5 days. In this way, we will reflect the dynamics prevailing at the beginning of the year in the best possible way. It has been shown that January is the perfect time to bring industry and trade together.

Dick Spierenburg, Creative Director of imm cologne Spring Edition 2023

Courmayeur Design Week-end 2023

Courmayeur Design Week-end, the event that conquers Mont Blanc with architecture and design, returns February 9-12, 2023

The countdown has begun for the third edition of Courmayeur Design Week-end, the event that will bring the best of Italian and international design to the foot and summit of Mont Blanc from February 9 to 12, 2023.

In Courmayeur, design like you’ve never seen before

The event will see the participation of distinguished representatives from the industry, Italian and international design brands, a series of installations, exhibitions, and a packed program of meetings and special events. For the third edition, Courmayeur's Dolonne gondola will be transformed into a suspended design gallery. In fact, the event's partner companies will customize each cabin with products and virtual content accessible via QR codes telling their story.

Courmayeur Design Week-end

Design hunt

On the other hand, ski slopes will become the stage for a fun treasure hunt. Marker discs at the edge of the slope will open the door to augmented reality experiences, developed with technical advice from startup D.O.S. Design Open Spaces. Visitors will only need to scan the QR code to access Instagram and take photos of themselves next to products such as armchairs, chairs or lamps.

Courmayeur Design Week-end is an event organized by Studio Coronel in partnership with Courmayeur Mont Blanc, under the patronage of ADI - Associazione per il Disegno Industriale, Fondazione Altagamma, with the collaboration of Courmayeur Mont Blanc Funivie and Skyway Mont Blanc. This year's theme is verso(la)meta: a playful breakdown of the word “metaverso”, “metaverse”, inviting us to investigate today’s virtual world without losing touch with reality.

Exhibitions and installations at high altitude

The four-day event will be enriched by exhibitions, debates and installations by renowned architectural firms. The windows of the boutiques in downtown Courmayeur will host a selection of design objects chosen by architect Giulio Cappellini, awarded the Compasso d'Oro for lifetime achievement in 2022, in collaboration with architect and designer Ilaria Marelli. On the other hand, the installations are curated by five leading architectural firms: 967arch, GBPA Architects, Giuseppe Tortato Architetti, Park Associati & Piuarch, and Progetto CMR.

Courmayeur Design Week-end

There will also be a space dedicated to photography, thanks to the collaboration with Fondazione 3M, which, after Paris and Milan, will bring to Courmayeur the group exhibition “Il rigore dello sguardo”, featuring black and white and color works by artists from different periods, including Gabriele Basilico, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Piergiorgio Branzi, Franco Fontana.

Conferences, meetings and debates

The edition of Courmayeur Design Week-end will see architect Piero Lissoni as a speaker, who will hold, after Michele De Lucchi in 2020 and Carlo Ratti in 2022, the “on top” conference at the summit of Skyway Monte Bianco scheduled for Friday, February 10, at 6:30 pm. Design TED, the meeting dedicated to enthusiasts and insiders with Giorgio Tartaro, will be held on Thursday, February 9, from 5:30 pm. Finally, on Saturday 11, the talk “Architetti a confronto” will foster the dialogue between the designers of the installations of this edition of Courmayeur Design Week-end.

A ski competition for architects and designers

While the main feature of Courmayeur Design Week-end remains the ability to create and nurture relationships, there will be lighthearted and fun moments as well. One above all, the traditional skiCAD, a ski and snowboard competition for architects, designers, journalists and companies in the industry. It is scheduled for Friday at 10 a.m. at Plan Checrouit. The prizes are kindly provided by participating design companies, while this year’s (collectible) trophies have been designed by Progetto CMR.

Partner brands of Courmayeur Design Week-end 2023

The event's partner companies include historic Italian and international design brands, as well as younger companies and startups: 3M, Alessi, ALPI, Boffi|De Padova, Cardex; Catelier, Deles Group, Delta Light, Dixpari; Dolomitisch, Eco Contract, Jannelli&Volpi, JANUS et Cie, Kartell. Kindof, Les Bois du Mont Blanc, Signature Kitchen Suite, Living Divani, Lualdi, MillerKnoll. But also Poltrona Frau, Slalom acoustic & partition systems, Steeles, Vetreria Re, WOOD—SKIN.

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Fiandre Architectural Surfaces- graniti maximum

3D Surfaces by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces

Fiandre Architectural Surfaces presents Graniti Maximum: three-dimensional granite slabs for high-value decorative solutions with a strong visual impact

Fiandre Architectural Surfaces- graniti maximum
Graniti Maximum Alaska White

Fiandre Architectural Surfaces presents Graniti Maximum, a collection of granite slabs, available in the honed, lapped and glint finishes. The collection is the result of complex research and development conducted by Iris Ceramica Group, of which Fiandre Architectural Surfaces is a part, which led to the creation of a three-dimensional decorative surface with a strong visual impact.

3D slabs by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces

Graniti Maximum's three finishes offer multi-sensory perceptions with a high aesthetic value. In the honed finish, the slab takes on a matte, natural appearance, while the lapped finish gives a shiny and elegant glossy-matte contrasting look. Finally, in the glint finish, the slab features evenly distributed highlights and luminous pigments that create dynamic surfaces with an intense and bold beauty.

MAximum Graniti Fiandre Archtiectural Surfaces Graniti Maximum Celeste Aran

Colors and finishes

Graniti Maximum, the new collection from Fiandre Architectural Surfaces, includes four surfaces whose aesthetic features derive from the combination of expertly crafted grains and crystals. Each surface is produced by reinterpreting aspects and colors of nature through state-of-the-art production technologies. The Graniti Maximum textures are Alaska White Maximum, Celeste Aran Maximum, Labradorite Maximum, and Deep Norway Maximum.

Fiandre Architectural Surfaces- graniti maximum
Maximum Graniti Labradorite Maximum

Formats and uses

Designed to enhance the ideas of architects and designers, the Graniti Maximum collection offers the large 300x150 cm format and several sub-formats. The versatility of this product allows it to cover any type of surface: façades, walls, and floors. Moreover, granite provides durability, mechanical resistance to chemical attack and absorption, and ease of cleaning. The thickness of only 6 mm makes it also possible to use the slabs as an integral part of furniture elements, covering tables, partitions, furnishings, doors, ceilings, backlit walls, seating and bathroom accessories.

Maximum Graniti Deep Norway Maximum

Maximum collections from Fiandre Architectural Surfaces are sustainable

In the Maximum collections, the pursuit of beauty goes hand in hand with protecting the environment and promoting well-being. With their reduced thickness, MAXIMUM surfaces not only significantly reduce the need to use raw materials and energy consumption, but also contain more than 40% recycled material by weight, in accordance with the ISO 14021 standard, thus ensuring the highest LEED & BREEAM scores. Moreover, the MAXIMUM surfaces are GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD GOLD certified, and are included in the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration). The EPD is based on product lifecycle analysis in compliance with the UNI EN 15804 and ISO 14025 standards and according to the “from cradle to grave” method.


Milan is ready to host HOMI 2023, the home décor trade show

Milan is ready to host HOMI 2023, the fair offering ideas, novelties and inspiration for furnishing and decorating the home

HOMI 2023
Cottage collection by Weissestal, hand-finished with reactive glaze for a vintage effect

From January 26 to 29, Fieramilano is hosting HOMI 2023, the event dedicated to the home environment, focused on everyday objects and accessories. The event will provide the visitors with many new ideas, inspirations and trends. Also this year, HOMI's wide and diverse offering will include decorations and furnishings, tableware and kitchenware; fabrics and textiles for the home; giftware.

At HOMI 2023, innovative and technological home objects and products

HOMI showcases the evolution of the modern home, increasingly focused on sustainability and fine creative craftsmanship. Also for this new edition, international brands, start-ups and young designers will present objects and products for the home, designed to improve the home experience.

HOMI 2023
Sustainable carpet from the MOON collection by DE DIMORA

The protagonists of HOMI 2023

Participating companies include De Dimora, with high-quality sustainable carpets and textiles, and BIANCOPERLA, which offers custom-made bedding, bathroom items and tableware. Coming to the world of tableware, Taitù Milano presents its famous mix&match, with unusual combinations of designs and colors, while Weissestal shows the result of a continuous search for craftsmanship in everyday objects.

There will also be Cereria Molla, Charlottina Design ®, Dafne, Baci Milano, Blueside design; Chiara Firenze, Dessenze, Easy life design, Evviva Company, Eutahlia Fragrances; Italscent, Livellara, Schoenhuber, Thun, Uno casa design, Villa d’Este, and many more brands.

HOMI 2023
Charlottina Design

Talks, workshops and installations dedicated to sustainability

Therefore, HOMI 2023 will offer a wide-ranging and detailed view of today's home presenting new furnishing and decorating ideas through an analysis of industry trends. Among this year's novelties, we will also find A Vista D'uomo and Skyline, two unusual and monumental installations that, at the foot of the silhouettes of Milanese symbols of yesterday and today, such as the cathedral and modern skyscrapers, will host furnishing and home décor items in an innovative way.

Skyline installation, HOMI 2023

This concept is in line with HOMI’s philosophy, which has always combined Made in Italy, creativity and sustainability. Both installations were made using recovered and recycled materials supplied by a number of Italian textile companies. More than 200,000 meters of selvages and textile ribbons were used, which, thanks to the manual work of Italian artisans, upholsterers and fitters, have given shape to the imposing silhouettes that also represent the centrality of Milan.

Finally, alongside the wide range of ideas and trends, HOMI 2023 will host a calendar of workshops and talks dedicated to the main topics of interest to industry professionals. You can read the schedule here.

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Lifestyle collection, Taitù Milano

Fish Tail Park, a floating park in Nanchang

In Nanchang, China, Turenscape designs Fish Tail Park, the first floating park in the world

Fish Tale Park Turenscape

Turenscape has designed Fish Tail Park, the world’s first floating park, in Nanchang, China. The park is located in the flood plain of the Yangtze River, China’s longest and most dangerous river due to its floods. Fish Tail Park gives a new identity to Nanchang’s New District, an area of the city now undergoing redevelopment. The park is home to wildlife that can survive the humidity and flooding caused by the heavy monsoon rains typical of the area. Fish Tail Park regulates stormwater while providing residents with a new place to gather and enjoy nature.

Fish Tail Park: nature in the city

Turenscape’s new park is an urban architecture designed more for nature than for man. In fact, it responds to its laws by adapting and changing its functions according to weather conditions. When the river floods, some areas of the park are completely submerged by water, becoming unreachable.

FIsh Tale park Turenscape

Fish Tail Park consists of a series of artificial islets of various sizes, some of which are connected by flood-resistant aluminum walkways. In creating the islets, the studio was inspired by the ancient Mesoamerican chinampa technique, relying on small areas of fertile land made artificially in the middle of lakes by combining mud, sediment and decaying vegetation.

A new recreational destination for Nanchang

Fish Tail Park includes playgrounds, beaches, fountains, and bike paths, as well as bridges, platforms, pavilions, and viewing towers offer picturesque routes immersed in the wildest nature. The park’s contemporary design helps to infuse the ancient city with a sense of modernity and progress. Perforated aluminum plate is the main material used for the installed structures, creating an arresting contrast with the natural setting. At the park’s main entrance, a cafeteria is integrated with an overpass connecting Fish Tail Park with the neighboring Aixi Lake Park.

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Depot Boijmans van Beuningen

Renilde, a new transformable restaurant in Rotterdam

Concrete designs Renilde, the new restaurant of Depot Boijmans van Beuningen, the first publicly accessible art deposit in the world, in Rotterdam

Museo Boijmans van BeuningenAmsterdam-based architecture studio Concrete has designed Renilde, the restaurant that resides on the Depot Boijmans van Beuningen rooftop, the art deposit of Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, one of the most important art institutions in Rotterdam.

Renilde: one restaurant, two functions

The new restaurant designed by Concrete for Depot Boijmans van Beuningen can be transformed into a large space hosting a variety of events. It stands on the rooftop of Depot Boijmans van Beuningen, the first art deposit in the world that is also open to the public. The structure is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, which provide well-lit spaces and favor air circulation. Inside, long wooden tables and colorful chairs harmoniously decorate the spaces. The presence of wall windows also blurs the boundaries with the outside, allowing for constant visual contact with the roof garden and outdoor terrace.

Depot Boijmans van Beuningen

Renilde is a living restaurant, able to modify its nature and, as a consequence, its functions when needed. In fact, to host some events, the restaurant's tables can be folded and joined to the wooden panels on the ceiling and floor, creating decorative frames that allow for freedom of movement in the center.

A starred kitchen

Chef Jim de Jong, who was awarded the Gouden Pollepel – the Dutch Golden Ladle – twice, was also named 'Young Top Chef of the Year' in the Netherlands by the Gault&Millau restaurant guide. Seasonal vegetables, herbs, and flowers play a starring role in his kitchen, and the wines served at Renilde are all excellent and locally sourced.

Depot Boijmans van Beuningen

Coert, a new multipurpose space for Depot Boijmans van Beuningen

For the rooftop of Depot Boijmans van Beuningen Concrete has also designed Coert, a hybrid event space that can accommodate up to 170 guests.

Characterized by a dynamic and versatile design, Coert is equipped with large side wooden pivoting doors and a central stainless-steel volume that can serve as a pantry bar and cloakroom for the guests.

Photo: wouter van der sar

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Our top 10 design posts in 2022

Among our top 10 design posts in 2022 are Vincent Van Duysen x Zara Home, trends from Salone del Mobile and Cersaie, Aldo Rossi-Design 1960-1997

1) The most popular design post is the one dedicated to the Vincent Van Duysen x Zara Home collection.

2) The second most read post in 2022 is about the trends from the International Bathroom Exhibition.

Tuby modular structure for bathroom furniture, by Arter&Citton for Arblu

3) In third place, the article dedicated to Eurocucina and FTK.

PRO95I1ECAT 90 cm freestanding stove from the Bertazzoni Professional Series

4) The fourth most read post is about sofa and armchair trends from the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2022.

Fandango sofa, by Rugiano

5) The fifth most read post in 2022 in the Design section is dedicated to Aldo Rossi Design 1960-1997, the exhibition hosted by Museo del Novecento, in Milan.

Among the most read posts in the Design section, ceramic trends from Cersaie 2023

6) In sixth place, the post about the new layout of the Salone del Mobile 2023.

SaloneSatellite, ph: Ludovica Mangini, courtesy of Salone del Mobile.MiIano

7) The post dedicated to Lasvit’s installations for Milan Design Week 2022 ranks seventh.

Sanctums, installation by Lasvit

8) The article about ceramic and marble surface trends from Cersaie and Marmomac 2022 holds the eight place.

Black & White, ceramic collection by Seletti 4 Ceramica Bardelli

9) In nineth place, our interview with visionary Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde,

The Grow installation, in a leek field in the northern Netherlands. The field is illuminated by red and blue LED lights, which beautify the field and enhance plant growth without chemical enhancements.

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10) The tenth most read post about design is the one dedicated to Brera Design District and Fuorisalone.

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