In Como the New World Record for Diesel-Powered Motorboats Has Been Set

Boat racer Fabio Buzzi has broken the previous world speed record for diesel-powered motorboats by reaching 277.5 km/h also thanks to Alfa Laval

This success, achieved on Lake Como (Italy), would not have been possible without the work of Alfa Laval, leading global provider of specialized components and engineering solutions.

In order to improve the performances of the engine, it was necessary to develop a cooling system adjusted to a big turbocharger. This was the challenge faced by Alfa Laval according to Conrad Dykas, the supervisor of the project.

Racing was all new to us, so of course there were challenges involved. One of them was the size requirements of the cooler,” explains Dykas. “Mr Buzzi told us he wanted the charge air cooler to take the full length of the motor. By getting the maximum air cooling capacity that could be packaged on the boat the engine could then be calibrated for maximum power.”

New Diesel Power Boat World Speed Record: 277.5 Km/h
Driver Fabio Buzzi - FB Design
Engine FPT Industrial Cursor 16

The design, in compliance with the standards of motorboat races, includes copper fins favoring thermal conductivity and resistance to corrosion, copper-nickel tubes because of their strength and durability and an extruded aluminum shell that acts as a light yet robust casing.

“We took our proven design and made it one-third longer than the longest charge air cooler Alfa Laval had ever made for marine applications. It was hand-built with extreme precision.”

In October 2018 the engine will undergo other tests to break the current record.

[Giuseppe D'Orsi]


A Group Offering Advanced Nautical Solutions

With 7 brands, Azimut Benetti offers a complete yacht range, a worldwide customer service and support for the development of tourist ports

Sundeck on Mr Loui by Benetti Yachts [Photo Quin Bisset]

Group Azimut Benetti owns 7 prestigious brands: Azimut Yachts, Benetti Yachts, Yachtique, Fraser Yachts, Lusben, Marina di Varazze, Royal Yacht Club Moscow. Azimut Benetti boasts the world’s most widespread sales network in the nautical industry with 138 headquarters in 68 countries: proximity to ship owners favors great attention to customer care. Moreover, the Group offers financial services, yacht management and support for the development of marinas and tourist ports.

Dining area on Mr Loui, 35.5 m long, by Benetti Yachts

Here we introduce you to the new yachts launched by two of these brands. Fiberglass and carbon fiber are the materials chosen by Benetti Yachts for their latest yacht, Mr Loui, 35.5 m long, the second model of Mediterraneo 116’. Its over 80 sq m sundeck, wide dining and sunbathing areas were designed by Giorgio Cassetta, while the interiors enhanced by a lift that connects the decks and by a Swarovski chandelier were designed by Ezequiel Farca with the in-house Interior Style Department.

Azimut Grande by Azimut Yachts, 32 meters of cutting-edge technology at sea

La Dolce Vita 3.0 is the new strategy adopted by another brand belonging to the Group, Azimut Yachts. Joie de vivre, cutting-edge technology, attention to comfort are perfectly combined. Azimut Grande 32 metri is a perfect example of this: an avant-garde work characterized by completely new solutions in the interiors designed by Stefano Righini, advanced technology represented by Carbon Tech and D2P (Displacement to Planing) keel, and by Achille Salvagni’s pure design of the interiors. [Text Giulia Bruno]

Azimut Yachts: Sport Fly

The Lawn of Your Dreams thanks to Ventilated Tiles

For the first time in Italy, artificial turf is made from the dry assembly of modular tiles. It is all thanks to the industrialization of the project by Mauro Paris and Dario Campra of Roofingreen, a young Turin-based company working close with the architecture and construction industry. The innovative green tile characterized by a surface as soft as a carpet, thanks to the special ‘herb effect’ yarn, can adapt to any outdoor context without any maintenance or irrigation. The different modular solutions have been conceived to insulate and line ventilated floorings, have a high drainage capacity and can be integrated with spectacular lighting. The aesthetic qualities as well as the thermal and acoustic performances of a building improve thanks to the installation – also on vertical surfaces – of Roofingreen modules, suitable for interventions aimed at energy saving, restoration, requalification and construction of new buildings. The entire supply chain takes place in Italy, in the suburbs of Turin, where the excellent knowledge in the automotive field opens up to other productive fields.

Starchitect’s Glasses

Futuristic glasses designed by Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza presented in Venice by a photographic exhibition by André Brito

On the occasion of the 16th International Architecture Exhibition 2018, a 17th century deconsecrated chapel, Santa Maria del Soccorso, in Venice, hosted the capsule collection (two out of three models are in limited edition) designed by Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza Vieira for Vava Eyewear, a Portuguese brand characterized by refined style, minimal lines, always looking for essentiality.

As squared off as buildings, Vava glasses reveal the strong relationship between elements used in architecture and their frame. The collaboration with the Portuguese architect, Pritzker Prize winner in 1992, is in perfect harmony with the concept of the brand, which, while trying to encourage the dialogue between craftsmanship and high technology, builds the glasses as if they were architectural elements.

The presentation in Venice was accompanied by the photographic exhibition ‘When Architecture Meets Fashion’ with pictures by André Brito, photographer specialized in fashion and nudes, in front of the Church of Santa Maria in Marco de Canaveses, Portugal, one of the most iconic buildings designed by Siza Vieira.

Austere and basic, suitable to her and him, pure in their geometric abstraction, these glasses perfectly adapt to the wearer’s face, enhancing its contours thanks to the sophisticated neutral composition. [Text Giulia Bruno]

Sundek Sells a Million Beach Shorts a Year

A ‘millionaire’ rainbow for the iconic shorts for the beach and water sports that since the ’60s have been changing in fabrics and colors preserving their winning design

Sundek, the famous beach shorts created first and foremost for surfing, comfortable and attractive, have been the best-selling in the world since the Sixties. The design has remained the same since they were created in San Francisco, California: recognizable, multicolored, uni ex, rich in variants and summer-inspired prints.

The first shorts with the double Velcro and lace closure, they have been made of nylon, cotton, denim, and worn every year by athletes and people passionate about the sea. Always a protagonist, a stylish touch on the beaches all over the world, still a best-selling product with a million items a year sold by over 1,500 retailers worldwide and 18 monobrand stores. [Text Alexandra Alfonso]

Punta Caliza Hotel: Between Yucatán and Venice

Guadalajara-based architecture firm Estudio Macías Peredo designed this resort inspired by Mayas on the island of Holbox, Mexico. The project is presented at Venice Architecture Biennale 2018

Devoid of cars and only accessible by sea, Isla Holbox is a fishing village off the Yucatán Peninsula within the Yum Balam nature reserve. A piece of heaven renowned for the rare opportunity to swim with whale sharks.

Swimming Pool

The Punta Caliza hotel is here, less than 100 m from the Gulf of Mexico’s emerald waters. Featuring 12 rooms, it is inspired by Mayan architecture of the Yucatán Peninsula, in both construction and design. For example, for both floors and walls, the choice fell on ‘piedra caliza (limestone) made from chukum – a white ancient Mayan stucco used to seal water cisterns.

Everything has been reinterpreted from a modern point of view and using more geometric elements than in historical Mayan structures. An example of the choices made by Salvador Macías and Magui Peredo, known for their strong connection with traditional crafts and culture, is represented by the triangular pool in the middle of the property, recalling the courtyards of traditional Mayan villages.

In the interiors, the choice of red cedar as the main cladding material stands out, which makes the suites look warm and cozy from the very first moment.

Each room has a private pool connected to the main canal, which turns the resort into a sort of little Mexican Venice, a fitting comparison if we also consider that the Punta Caliza Hotel has been called, among others, to represent Mexico at the National Pavilion for Venice Architecture Biennale 2018.

[Giuseppe D’Orsi]

Luxury Life and Italian Style Yachts

Sanlorenzo, Baglietto and Pininfarina for Princess Yachts cut through the sea in summer 2018 with extraordinary new models of hulls and interiors

Yachts with made-to-measure hulls meeting the owners’ demands; sartorially finished interiors expressing a refined luxury interpreted by the world’s most authoritative designers; sizes expressly studied to favor convivial spaces: all these contribute to making state of the art yachts one of the strengths of Italian nautical sector.

Main Salon disegnato da Antonio Citterio per lo yacht Sanlorenzo SD 112

Sanlorenzo, Baglietto, and even Pininfarina with British colossus Princess Yachts offer new experiences in luxury nautical transportation.

La cabina dell’armatore su progetto di Piero Lissoni per lo yacht SX88 Sanlorenzo

Sanlorenzo, one of the major manufacturers of yachts longer than 24 m, is the first sustainable shipyard in the industry. Dordoni Architetti, Antonio Citterio, Patricia Viel Interiors, Piero Lissoni were asked to give yachts up to 80 m long ‘a feel of home’, making the interiors look wider eliminating the barriers and choosing furnishings produced by the most prestigious Italian companies.

Andiamo, mega yacht Baglietto

Great volumes and livability are the characteristics of the new 48 m long ‘boats’ by Baglietto, mega yachts with steel and aluminum displacement hulls. 350 sq m living surface including 140 sq m dedicated to conviviality in the open air, infinity pool with sundeck, interiors with floor-to-ceiling windows, kitchen dedicated to haute cuisine… Long transatlantic voyages become pleasant boat trips.

Uno dei saloni del mega yacht Andiamo di Baglietto; in primo piano, poltrone Flexform

Francesco Paszkowski designed the hull and the exteriors of 48 m long Andiamo, while the interiors featuring custom-made sofas, precious materials like onyx and polished ebony, leather and steel spiral staircase, shower cabins and Turkish bath were designed by Paszkowski and Margherita Casprini.

Performance sports yacht R35 di Pininfarina per Princess

Characterized by a completely different size but not of less importance, the R35 has exteriors designed by Pininfarina, which focused on the aerodynamics and created pure, elegant lines, ideal for speed and high performances. With its usual attention to functionality, Pininfarina introduced air intakes in the bulwarks, which collect air for the engines and act as air-ejector systems that blow away tail vortex.

Venice Biennale 2018: The Netherlands

‘Work, Body, Leisure’ are the three key words for the Dutch installations at the Biennale showing the changes affecting mankind in the automation age

'Locker Room' [Photo Daria Scagliola]

The Netherlands takes part in the 16th International Architecture Exhibition of Venice Biennale (open until 25 November 2018), with ‘Work, Body, Leisure‘, a project commissioned by the Het Nieuwe Instituut of Rotterdam and curated by Marina Otero Verzier as an answer to the emerging technologies of automation with innovative proposals for a creative and responsible architecture.


The exhibition consists in different installations made by a multidisciplinary team of architects, artists, designers, musicians, historians and theoreticians who have been called by the curator to present their ideas concerning urban development, automated work and leisure time. The ‘Locker Room’, completely furnished with orange lockers, welcomes the visitors and invites them to discover some daily life situations that seem familiar to us but they actually highlight the ongoing changes in labor ethos and conditions. The predominant orange color, rather than symbolizing the Netherlands, evokes the pressing rhythm of fast-food restaurants.

'Work, Body, Leisure', Padiglione Olanda [Photo Daria Scagliola]

With the installation #BED, Bed-In, for example, Beatriz Colomina reinterprets the bed and uses it as a new workspace in the age of social media. Marten Kuijpers and Victor Muñoz Sanz, with #OFFICE, Automated Landscapes, explore architecture in Rotterdam in the age of automation. With #SIMULATION, Safety Measures, Simone C. Niquille presents a study on ergonomics and the human/machine interaction, unveiling the parameters embedded in design software to model spaces, objects, bodies.

'Work, Body, Leisure', Padiglione Olanda [Photo Daria Scagliola]

In short: ‘Work, Body, Leisure’ shows how mankind, objects and spaces are shaped in the automation age and how these changes can affect the design approach to the spaces we live and work in. [Text Arianna Callocchia]

'Work, Body, Leisure', al Padiglione Olanda l'arancione claustrofobico dominante lascia spazio anche al bianco e alla luce naturale [Photo Daria Scagliola]

‘Furoshiki The Wrapping Sole’ Wins the ADI Compasso d’Oro Award 2018

The high-performing wrapping shoe by Vibram® is inspired by the Japanese art of ‘furoshiki’ and has won the prestigious award for its innovative design

One of the most successful innovations by the eclectic company Vibram® is ‘Furoshiki The Wrapping Sole’, winner of the ADI Compasso d’Oro International Award as well as other prestigious prizes in the field of international design.

The wrapping shoe, inspired by the ancient Japanese art of ‘furoshiki’ consisting in wrapping gifts with a cloth, envelops the foot with its ergonomic sole and bands of stretch fabric, flexible to different wrapping and walking needs.


Its wrapping sole is versatile and functional, perfect to safely and comfortably test different surfaces, ideal for traveling, leisure activities and everyday life. Available in fabrics inspired by the Far East or the desert, in denim, black, and unisex colors. Equipped with the high-performing sole certified by Vibram®, this is an authentic design revolution, simple yet original. [Txt Barbara Tassara]

#Youngtalents: Atelier ARI

Atelier ARI presents ‘Pluglight’, a suspending lamp that allows users to charge their devices simultaneously

Atelier ARI is a Rotterdam based design office, founded in 2014:

“Our work is characterised by clearly organised design, always combined with a twist and much love for craftsmanship and aesthetics. Ideas originate from out of the context, are three-dimensional and play with the experience of an object and its surroundings”.

‘Pluglight’ is a suspending lamp that allows users to charge their devices simultaneously. Made of a sparkling clear acrylic block and a diffuse tube of light that incorporates all technical components, the bottom of Pluglight is provided with a power outlet. Its design is both functional as decorative: the transparent acrylic cube creates beautiful and unexpected reflections of the light and its surroundings and transmits a spherical warm light into the room. The minimal design of a circle and a square is the result of the basic form of an power outlet.