Vincent Van Duysen x Zara Home: a new furniture collection

Vincent Van Duysen and Zara Home work together on a new furniture collection that sums up the Belgian architect's design history

Vincent Van Duysen debuts in the mass market with a partner that is actually quite difficult to imagine, when one thinks of it juxtaposed with his architecture. However, seeing the images in that undeniably beautiful setting, what one wonders is whether Vincent Van Duysen's design has become accessible to a broad audience or, on the contrary, Zara is becoming much more exclusive, albeit at affordable prices.

zara vincent van duysen
Setting with Parisian atmosphere

Vincent Van Duysen's creative journey into the world of Zara communicates to a very wide audience an essential and rarefied vision of furniture; it is a mixture of Flemish style, Ibizan finca style, Brazilian modernism, with atmospheres ranging from Brazilian brutalism to the historic and sophisticated houses of Bruges and Antwerp. In fact, as the Flemish architect explains, the collection was the result of a reflection on his entire professional history, induced by his turning 60.

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zara vincent van duysen
Brazilian/Portuguese modernism

So, he looked over his entire archive and drew from it the foundational elements of his professional DNA. And, looking at the collection and the settings of the photographs, a complete picture of his entire history of residential architectural design emerges. His first apartment in Antwerp, his first finca in Palma de Mallorca, his second (and current) house in Antwerp, other residences in various parts of the world, and, finally, his house in Melides, Portugal, completed in recent years.

zara vincent van duysen
A reading corner inspired by his Antwerp house

Zara Home + Vincent Van Duysen collection: minimalist and refined

Different atmospheres are reflected in the first Zara Home + Vincent Van Duysen collection, which includes furniture and accessories for the living area. These furnishings and accessories are the first in a collection that will become an ongoing collaboration launching two collections per year.

Solid oak coffee table and linen sofa, side tables/stools in heat-treated ash

Zara Home + Vincent Van Duysen includes armchairs, small armchairs, 2- and 3-seater chairs, low tables, coffee tables, consoles/desks, dining chairs, stools, rugs, table lamps, and various accessories. All elements express Vincent Van Duysen’s spirit and style; they are designed to have a definite personality but can be easily inserted into various interior design contexts.

zara vincent van duysen
Oak stools with leather seat

The aim of the collection is to create furniture elements of excellent quality, with an unmistakable style, with a price that is accessible to a very wide market segment. Which is certainly broader than the target audience of the companies with which the Flemish architect usually collaborates. And probably this collection really expresses the philosophy of an architect who, while living and working in a world of exclusive beauty, has found the ideal partner to make it affordable.

Heat-treated ash side table

Nevertheless, these are not simple furnishings to interpret. On the contrary, the elements have varying degrees of complexity, implying an appreciation of a simple yet exclusive lifestyle that goes beyond trends and brands. Therefore, Vincent Van Duysen's furnishings may become accessible to all, but at the same time Zara Home presents itself with a decidedly more exclusive image.

Oak chairs with leather upholstery, in a Brazilian modernist setting, at Vincent Van Duysen's home in Portugal

The pieces in the collection


The sofas reproduce the archetypal English or French sofa. Very comfortable and generously shaped, they are perfectly suited to Parisian or London interiors; the covers are in cotton, linen or bouclé, in light or dark colors – green, brown, blue, ecru, the typical colors of Flemish nature.

Three-seater sofa upholstered in cotton, in a Baroque setting

Armchairs, chairs, stools

Armchairs and chairs have wooden frames in solid oak, either light or black stained, for different styles. Upholstery is made of smooth or woven leather, with extremely fine details and shapes designed to be comfortable.

Dark stained solid oak chair

Side tables

Different models of side table (Blocks, Cross) are available for different functions. Made of heat-treated oak or ash, or limestone, and available in various sizes, they are versatile and suitable for any room in the house, from the living area to the sleeping area.

Detail of the heat-treated ash side table

The collection includes a desk/console, which in Vincent Van Duysen's designs is typically placed behind the sofa; also available are a table lamp, various accessories, and hand-knotted rugs from India. The collection will be on sale from June 30 on the Zara Home website and in some stores.

Maestrale System by LINVISIBILE

Maestrale by LINVISIBILE is a system of fixed leaves that separates the spaces of the house with a see-through effect with a strong scenic impact

sistema maestrale invisibile

Linvisibile introduces Maestrale, a system of side-by-side fixed leaves that is available in floor-to-ceiling or customized heights.

Maestrale can be used as a partition or as a light filter. Its slabs separate the spaces while shielding the view with a dramatic see-through effect.

sistema maestrale linvisibile

The Maestrale System by LINVISIBILE can be completed with suspended consoles, shelves, drawers, either along the entire length or only a portion of the module. The door leaves, ideal for partially separating different spaces in the house, are mounted on aluminum slats; the various leaves, at least one of which with load-bearing finish, can have different finishes on the two sides.

Thanks to its considerable size it can reach and the presence of functional elements for storing everyday objects, this system is ideal for entrance halls, open-plan spaces and any space requiring functional and decorative partitions between different environments.

The features of the Maestrale System by LINVISIBILE

The perimeter frame and aluminum pass-through leaves of the Maestrale System by LINVISIBILE can be made in RAL lacquer colors or in the anodized palette, available in fine-grained, coarse-grained and glossy finishes. The number of modules and different finishes that can be applied on load-bearing leaves are also customizable based on different style and design requirements.

The combinability of the number of doors and finishes, both load-bearing and pass-through, is very high, making this product versatile and suitable to create custom designs with great personality. Available finishes range from glass to ceramic, from perforated metal sheet to fabric, up to leather.

The individual door leaves that make up the Maestrale system are available in 300 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm wide versions; while their height can vary from 1,900 to 3,500 mm, depending on the chosen finish.


Marina di Scarlino, the exclusive sea of the Maremma

The resort of Marina di Scarlino, Tuscany, expands with exclusive residences

Marina di Scarlino is one of the best protected marinas in the Mediterranean, in Tuscany, surrounded by the Maremma, the Tuscan Archipelago and Elba Island. An idea of Leonardo Ferragamo, Marina Resort & Boatyard is an area including a resort with 30 exclusive apartments and a boatyard, an authorized Nautor’s Swan center. Moreover, Marina Resort & Boatyard houses a Yacht Club, a shopping arcade with bars and restaurants, a swimming pool and a beach club.

marina di scarlino resort
The apartments of Marina Resort & Boatyard, Marina di Scarlino

Tuscany is a rich region in terms of landscape, art, culture, food and wine. Therefore, Marina di Scarlino offers many leisure activities, from boating to hospitality, from sports to relaxation, which make it a destination to visit all year round, not just in the summer season.

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marina di scarlino resort
Marina di Scarlino port

The expansion project

Marina di Scarlino’s expansion project entails the construction of “Residenze Isole di Toscana”. The project, a new complex of exclusive residences covering an area of 10,000 square meters, will rise on the area adjacent to the current residences; the investment will be about 15 million euros.

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marina di scarlino resort
Rendering of the expansion project of the Residenze di Toscana

The project, carried out by Tuscan architect Alessandra Cipriani from Alessandra Cipriani Architects, will consist of nine independent blocks comprising four residential units, two on the ground floor and two on the first floor. The residences are designed for year-round living; in addition to fine materials, therefore, they will be equipped with home automation systems, air conditioning for the four seasons, and will be 100% green, thanks to the presence of a photovoltaic system.

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Rendering of the expansion project of the Residenze di Toscana

Residences will have direct access to the Marina, with the possibility of purchasing or renting a berth adjacent to the authorized Nautor’s Swan Global Service center. Marina di Scarlino confirms its role as a hub of excellence, a place of choice for living in an exclusive territory, rich in culture and with an extraordinary landscape.

In the gallery, pictures of Marina di Scarlino and some renderings of the residences expansion project

Design Miami/ Basel 2022

DesignMiami/Basel came back with the regular format, after an absence of nearly three years

The sixteenth edition of Design Miami/ Basel was held June 14-19, as the first regular and in-person event since 2019. Curator of this year’s edition was Maria Cristina Didero, who, with the theme “The Golden Age”, brought together 34 international galleries and 18 Curio presentations. The 2022 edition of Design Miami/ Basel saw the introduction of Podium, a section of the fair dedicated to objects available to shop online at

design miami basel 2022
Podium, the selling exhibition available to shop online

Galleries at Design Miami/ Basel 2022

Among the Galleries, historical works stood out this year. Among the best pieces was a prototype Moon Lamp by Gio Ponti showcased by Rossella Colombari, originally created for the Milan Triennale in 1957. Galerie Jacques Lacoste featured a series of rare works by French designer Jean Royére, including the Anneaux dining table and Anneaux console in orange and black painted metal and opaline glass (c. 1959).

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design miami basel 2022
At Podium, stackable beds by Carlo Mollino, Galleria Rossella Colombari. Photo World Red Eye, courtesy of Design Miami/ Basel

Morentz gallery, awarded as Best Gallery, debuted at Design Miami/ Basel with an impressive presentation of 20th century work from European, American and Brazilian designers. The booth was designed as an exquisite home with a fireplace designed in 1959 by Italian architects B.B.P.R at the center.

Morentz gallery at Design Miami/ Basel 2022, photo James Harris, courtesy of Design Miami/ Basel

Amongst the contemporary works on show, Friedman Benda’s solo showcase of New York designer Misha Kahn’s work presented new works from his best-known series. Paris-based Galerie kreo presented a number of impressive new works at Design Miami/ Basel including QUOBUS 2,4,6 TWO-COLOURED by designer Marc Newson and the Signal R Polychromatic reading light by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby.

Galerie Jacques Lacoste at Design Miami/ Basel 2022, photo James Harris, courtesy of Design Miami/ Basel

At Carpenters Workshop Gallery the monolithic Constellation CO80 table in Red Persian Travertine by Beirut-based design duo David/Nicolas was a standout. From the designer’s Constellation series, CO80 is made of three travertine slabs connected by silvered brass zig-zag joints, hemispherical shapes cut out of the tables’ legs rotate from leg to leg, mirroring the lunar cycle.

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Office Set by Pierre Poutout, Galerie Meubles et Lumières. Photo World Red Eye, courtesy of Design Miami/ Basel 2022

The Curio Program

16 of this year’s 18 participants in the Curio program were exhibiting in Basel for the first time, offering a unique perspective on contemporary and historic design. Italian architect Stefano Trapani exhibited at Design Miami/ Basel for the first time with a series of works entitled The Essence of Experience, including Charles Dix, a contemporary interpretation of a Biedermeier desk. The rare white ebony of the desk has a strong black grain that looks almost like black ink drawings across the veneer.

Another picture of Podium

Singapore-based Particle’s presented VELENI by design duo Lanzavecchia + Wai, an exploration of how humans continue to pollute the water we drink, the food we eat, and the air we breathe. The polluting substances in VELENI are beautiful – reminding us that poisons can be as fascinating as they are harmful – but are always lethal. The objects were presented in an empty booth: a white canvas on which their messages emerged loudly.

design miami basel 2022

FAINA’s award-winning Curio presented a particularly timely presentation, entitled Stepping on Ukrainian soil. At the center of the Curio, Ukrainian-born designer Victoria Yakusha presented a handwoven, two-and-a-half-meter tapestry titled Zemlia (Ukrainian for “earth”), presented alongside a series of primitive benches sculpted by hand.

FAINA’s project, Curio program. Photo World Red Eye, courtesy of Design Miami/ Basel 2022

Podium, the selling exhibition

Curated by Maria Cristina Didero, Podium was a selling exhibition of over 30 exceptional, museum quality works, available to shop online at Other highlights of the 2022 edition are the Best Historic Object award, given to a suite of office furniture by Pierre Poutout, 1970, presented by Galerie Meubles et Lumières, and the Best Contemporary Object: Planet by Astrid Krogh, 2021, presented by Galerie Maria Wettergren.

design miami basel 2022
Planet by Astrid Krogh, Galerie Maria Wettergren. Photo World Red Eye, courtesy of Design Miami/ Basel

Design Miami/ Basel 2022 offered a rich program of talks, which were live-streamed, recorded and are now available online at

Extraction technology according to Falmec

At Eurocucina 2022, Falmec previewed Elements, a new collection that revolutionizes the concept of extraction

The new hood collection by Falmec includes three different extraction solutions for different needs and interior design styles. Monolith, Shelf and Air Wall are three modular systems that "hide" the technology inside and integrate seamlessly into the interior design project.

Discover everything about Falmec Elements, the collection that revolutionizes the concept of extraction

falmec tecnologie aspirazione
Monolith hood by Falmec

Monolith, l'aspirazione sul piano di lavoro

The Monolith module rests on the countertop and includes a 90 cm hood accompanied by 30, 60, and 90 cm storage units. The result is a convenient equipped compartment that can accommodate all kitchen utensils or electrical outlets.

falmec tecnologie aspirazione

Monolith's suction module opens slightly to draw in fumes and control operation and lighting. Its structure is made of matte black aluminum with a polished glass front and pleasant ambient lighting.

falmec tecnologie aspirazione

Shelf, the fume extracting shelf

Shelf, on the other hand, is a real shelf incorporating the extremely thin suction body into a thickness of only 10 cm thanks to the exclusive Multi-Air technology. A removable vane makes it possible to increase suction efficiency. The "hood" element is joined by 60 and 90 cm extra modules that can be positioned to the right or left. The structure is made of black painted steel, with a black satin aluminum profile surrounding its front and sides.

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falmec tecnologie aspirazione

Integrated into the bottom of the structure is an LED strip that illuminates the countertop along the entire length of the shelf. Lastly, Shelf can also be equipped with additional accessories to hold spice racks or other kitchen utensils.

Air Wall, the multifunctional magnetic backsplash

Finally, for unconventional interior design, Air Wall by Falmec is a backsplash that integrates the extraction function. The backsplash has a white backlit tempered glass panel equipped with a magnetic system allowing functional accessories such as tablet holders, spice racks, and small shelves to be freely placed on its surface. Extraction takes place by means of a flap, which is opened manually, allowing for both suction and operation control.

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The project is the result of a collaboration between Falmec and Magnetolab, Umbria-based company specializing in kitchen backsplashes. Air Wall will be available with a 120 cm module with central extraction or a 150 cm module with off-center extraction to the right or left.

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Basel and the first architecture week

The first edition of Architekturwoche Basel (Basel Architecture Week)

From May 9 to 15, 2022, Basel hosted the first edition of Architekturwoche Basel (Basel Architecture Week). The event, an initiative of the Architektur Dialoge Foundation, will take place every two years; each edition will revolve around different themes investigating how our living spaces change depending on external factors.

The Basel Pavillon (Basel Pavilion) in Dreispitz, which opened during the week

Basel is considered the Swiss capital of architecture. In fact, there is no other place in the world that hosts so many contemporary buildings, designed by internationally renowned architects, on such a small city area, with so many historical layers. Within a few kilometers of the historic center are buildings by giants of Swiss architecture such as Christ & Gantenbein, Diener & Diener Architekten, Herzog & de Meuron, Mario Botta, and international architects such as Richard Meier, Frank O. Gehry, Steven Holl.

Vitra Headquarters, Birsfelden, in Basel suburbs, project by Frank O. Gehry, 1994

The first architecture week in Basel and the “Real Spaces”

Titled "Reale Räume" (Real Spaces), the first Basel Architecture Week dealt with three topical themes. The city needs space, the city is landscape, and the city takes on the future are the three themes of the 2022 edition. Building on these themes, a rich program of events including lectures, workshops, guided tours, exhibitions, site-specific installations, films and concerts enlivened the city of Basel for an entire week. In particular, performances by the St. Alban-Teich, Bachgraben, and Riehenteich transformed streets into rivers, fountains into bathing spaces, and sewage pipes into acoustic devices to emphasize relationship between the city and water.

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The main attraction of Architekturwoche Basel 2022 was the opening of the first Basel Pavillon in Dreispitz. The pavilion, open from May to October, has been designed by the young architectural duo isla from Mallorca and is made of recycled building components. [Arianna Callocchia]

Basel Pavillon, by Spanish firm isla

N.O.W. Edizioni at Milan Design Week 2022

N.O.W. Edizioni wallpapers and wallcoverings at DDN Hub, with graphics created for the occasion

Also participating in setting up DDN Hub 2022 was N.O.W. Edizioni wallpaper & more, producer of wallpapers and wallcoverings, available in a variety of materials. Born 10 years ago from an idea of Pietro Gaeta, art director and founder, N.O.W. Edizioni has collaborated with several architects and designers including Alessandro Mendini, Anna Gili, Maria Christina Hamel, Sergio Calatroni, Emilio Nanni, Claudio Bitetti, Carlotta Fortuna, Nuala Goodman, Annalisa Carli, Simone Marulli, Valentina Ortolani, Matteo Stucchi, Luisa Trapani, Fabio Rotella.

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DDN Hub 2022: in the background, the wall covered with N.O.W. Edizioni wallpaper featuring Konny, the event’s mascot

The wallpapers and wallcoverings by N.O.W. Edizioni, which stands for "Not Ordinary Works," are entirely made in Italy. Designed for different environments, they are available on classic paper, also in an eco-friendly version, and fiberglass, for humid environments such as bathrooms. There are also the acoustic version, in sound-absorbing material, and the digital fresco. All of the projects promoted by N.O.W. Edizioni are characterized by a conscious approach taking into account all aspects of design and production, and environmental sustainability.

Setup by N.O.W. Edizioni for Fuorisalone 2022

N.O.W. Edizioni: wallpapers and wallcoverings for any project

The philosophy of N.O.W. Edizioni is to create tailor-made projects, thanks to a specialized graphic design team that creates simulations and customizations for each client. N.O.W. Edizioni speaks several languages, addressing both private clients and the contract world. In the hotel sector, several projects have been carried out over the years: Glam Hotel in Milan, Byblos Art Hotel in Verona, Eco Urban B&B in Florence, Palais Cobourg Hotel in Vienna, Marriott Hotel in Dubai, Hilton Hotel in Venice, Starhotel in Roma, Villa Kadashi Hotel in Moscow, and many more. Collaborations in catering and retail include those with the Italian restaurant chain Miscusi, the Brut restaurant in Merate and 158 Club Lounge in Glasgow, and Palm Angels and Pinko stores around the world.

The different collections draw inspiration from classic and contemporary models. "David Selection”, for example, is inspired by Michelangelo's David and consists of several volumes. The Milano capsule collection, made for EXPO 2015, offers textures with subjects inspired by the city that has always been recognized as the world capital of design. Three are the Art Collections. "4 mani - Alessandro Mendini/Pietro Gaeta”, as the name implies, is a collection born from a collaboration between the two architects, an overlay of colors and graphics that immediately excited Master Alessandro Mendini. "Atelier”, on the other hand, resulted from the combination of the creativities of three internationally-renowned designers, Anna Gili, Maria Cristina Hamel and Pietro Gaeta. Lastly, "Petals from Tokyo”, made in collaboration with Sergio Calatroni, is the result of personal research on beauty, which basically results in photograms of petals.

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Setup by N.O.W. Edizioni for Fuorisalone 2022

duka pura 5000 shower enclosure in the new ColourArt version

pura 5000, the shower enclosure by duka characterized by essential lines, has a new look thanks to colors

Metal construction details are now offered in different finishes and colors to suit different interior design styles. Moreover, also to meet different aesthetic and installation needs, the duka pura 5000 series now includes a version with wall profiles and a version without profiles.

Discover duka acqua 5000 new

cabina doccia duka

ColourArt, the proposal that follows the matte stainless-steel profile launched in 2021, brings color into the bathroom; as a result, the hinges and handles of pura 5000 are even more contemporary and create a pleasing contrast between the transparency of the glass and the color of the metal.

cabina doccia duka

Duka launches new finishes for handles and hinges of the pura 5000 series

The aluminum of the hinges and handles now comes in five new finishes: matte white, matte black (painted aluminum), brushed black, brushed brass, and brushed copper. The PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating is a finish that ensures resistance to abrasion, scratches and corrosion, and is more eco-friendly. The new ColourArt proposal is available for pura 5000 versions with and without profile. The wall profile is made of polished silver, while for the models without profile the side glass is silkscreen-printed to match the color of hinges and handles.

pura 5000 ColourArt by duka is a new interpretation of the shower enclosure, which becomes an interior design element with a strong personality. The different finishes of the hinges and handles make it possible to create different and original ‘sets’ to fully personalize shower stalls and enclosures.

cabina doccia duka

Hinges include more than 50 components that allow the door to open both inward and outward; handles are designed for a comfortable and safe grip. Handles and hinges are now colorful details that create a new aesthetic for one of duka's most iconic shower enclosures.

Discover duka acqua 5000 new

Thanks to its different profiles, glass finishes, and customizable sizes, pura 5000 is an ideal solution for residential or contract bathrooms with different needs. The pura 5000 series with 8 mm tempered glass is equipped with an innovative mechanism that lifts the door a few millimeters off the ground when opening or closing. It is also equipped with the 'Automatic Close' system, which ensures that the door closes perfectly.

Milan Design Week/Fuorisalone Journal

Some photos from Milan Design Week/Fuorisalone 2022

In the galleries below, you will find some snapshots of Milan Design Week 2022, taken at Fuorisalone

Fuorisalone/Downtown area

Discover and purchase the book on the History of Milan Design Week

Brera Design District

Tortona Design District

Fuorisalone in other areas

Diametro35, the iconic Ritmonio mixer tap, revolutionizes living styles

Ritmonio revolutionizes the mixer tap with four new versions of the iconic Diametro35

Ritmonio designs the evolution of living styles thanks to new surprising versions. The Diametro35 series, a line of mixer taps that has earned the company international success, is the focus of a product line extension with the aim of reaching new types of customers and unexplored market segments. Diametro35, an icon of style by Ritmonio and an archetypal tap series, is now available in four new variants, characterized by unique style and elegance transcending trends.

diametro35 miscelatore ritmonio
Diametro35 Impronte Rigo

Diametro35 S - smart, simple and surprising

The new Diametro35 S series has been designed for creative young (and not so young) people, who share a passion for contemporary moods. Versatile and young, this collection comes in a wide range of finishes completing its minimalist aesthetics, for interiors with a metropolitan mood. The lever control emphasizes the minimalism of Diametro35 S and makes it even more functional.

Discover more finishes of Diametro35, the mixer tap by Ritmonio

diametro35 miscelatore ritmonio
Diametro35 Smart

Diametro35 Impronte: Ritmonio's mixer tap for different styles

The new mixer taps from the Diametro35 collection by Ritmonio, Diametro 35 Impronte, feature controls with different textures able to meet different tastes and styles. The four three-dimensional textures shape a collection consisting of four exclusive "prints". Prisma, Tratto, Rigo, Punto are the different material and tactile textures that characterize the control of the mixer taps, available with or without a lever. Diametro35 Impronte complements the ELEMENTA concept, for a total look effect in the bathroom. ELEMENTA for Diametro35 Impronte allows the supports of the new series of accessories to be enriched with the same textures and finishes as the mixer taps, including bathrobe or towel holder modules. The perfect collection for the most demanding interior designers.

diametro35 miscelatore ritmonio
Diametro35 ELEMENTA accessories

Diametro35 Cross

Cross shapes for the controls of the Diametro35 Cross mixer taps, which combine contemporary controls with the timeless lines of Diametro35. Diametro35 Cross stands out for rigorous geometries enriched by rich and innovative stylistic elements. The controls are reminiscent of traditional faucets, while the proportions of Diametro35 ensure fluidity and ergonomics.

diametro35 miscelatore ritmonio
Diametro35 Cross

Diametro35 Elegance

The lines of Diametro35 Elegance are characterized by classic lever controls reinterpreted with a modern and harmonious look. The result is a mixer tap that is perfect for the most elegant and prestigious architectural settings. Its shape is original and ergonomic, for greater comfort of use and smooth operation.

Diametro35 Elegance

The new versions of Diametro35 come in the 16 special finishes of the Ritmonio Finishes Selection, which can be mixed and matched to create different combinations for different interior design styles and a total look bathroom.