The Saviola Group and the Circular Economy

The Saviola Group synergistically integrates several Italian and international companies focused on three worlds – wood, chemicals and furniture. The consolidated turnover of the Group has placed it for years among Italy’s top 300 industrial realities and among the world’s leaders in its sectors.

The secret of this success began in 1963. When the word “ecology” was far from being on everyone’s lips, the founder had the pioneering idea of recovering and enhancing scrap wood, i.e. giving new life to what was hitherto seen only as waste, as something to be discarded.

The idea is that even the wood of an old cabinet may become the basis for a new cabinet, through a potentially endlessly repeatable cycle. That first idea was followed by others: create a nationwide network for the collection of wood; produce panels using only post-consumer wood; develop resins, unique in the world for their reduced environmental impact; produce clean energy from the processes.

At DDN Phutura, the Saviola Group will present the installation on Circular Economy, which, through an interactive path, will represent the whole recycling process.


In the area next to the Castello Sforzesco, from Piazza Castello, to via Beltrami, up to Piazza Cairoli: a path that will wind for about 6,000 square meters, surrounded by amazing and immersive installations, to tell the relationship between the human being and the environment