With more than 30 years of experience in the vegetable industry, Sojasun is today a versatile brand and ambassador of healthy and sustainable nutrition. The commitment and constant attention to the consumer have guided the history and the foundations for the future of this company that has been proudly family-run for generations.

Sojasun’s goal is to offer genuine and natural plant-based products that respect human health and the planet, with a special attention to taste.

The result is a range of delicious food and recipes in line with the high quality criteria of the “Sojasun Nutritional Charter”, a program called HEALTHY FOOD that monitors the balance of nutrients across the range.

For 2019 the company is planning a tasting tour on a Volkswagen VAN in the main squares of northern Italy. In Milan it will stop at Phutura during the Design Week, 9-14 April.

Among the various products there will be plant-based mini burgers, plant-based nuggets and plant-based sticks with crispy cereals.


In the area next to the Castello Sforzesco, from Piazza Castello, to via Beltrami, up to Piazza Cairoli: a path that will wind for about 6,000 square meters, surrounded by amazing and immersive installations, to tell the relationship between the human being and the environment