DDb 100

Challenging, exciting, stimulating: working on this issue 100 of ddb has fully employed us and has led us to search and leaf through – in the high shelves of the library of our office – the first ddb magazines. Today, after 100 printed issues, it’s time to celebrate the anniversary of a publication that over the years has changed, evolved, transformed, while always maintaining its main mission– to inform. From the first historic numbers, of which we also recalled the cover, to a series of companies we interviewed, which have always been this issue’s leading roles, up to the future and the previews which will be showcased at the 2022 International Bathroom Fair. And, also, residential projects, hotels, wellness centers, as well as Special Projects which even take us to the outer space. The message that now appears clear in the many interviews made or in the articles published is that bathroom is no longer a service room, rather the space where you take care of your body and where, escaping the frenzy of everyday life, to revive yourself. Entering the bathroom becomes a real sensory experience, a performance just as it happened during the presentation of Toiletpaper Beauty, the line born from the collaboration between Toiletpaper and La Bottega, market leader in the cosmetics sector for luxury hotels. The ‘mocking and provoking’ photo of the editorial tells the story of this visionary event, where guests were invited to discover the new collection, becoming the key players of performances and sensory experiences inspired by the various lines. Ph. Antinori.