DDb 89

Goodbye Elviro

On this issue of DDBagno we will, of course, talk about trends, products, projects, showrooms, fairs; there will be interviews, images, insights. There will also be an article by Elviro Di Meo. For an unexpected and undesirable coincidence, I learned of the tragic death of our collaborator (and friend!) just as I was downloading from my email the text of the interview and related images. I wanted (we wanted) therefore to dedicate the opening of this issue and the issue itself entirely to him. Elviro, for our publishing house, was a very precious collaborator. Competent, rigorous, creative. An attentive collaborator (so attentive that, affectionately, we called him a real …breaker). A collaborator who used to put at ease designers, architects and companies. We will miss him. We will miss his ideas, his phone calls, his physical presence at the many conferences we entrusted to him, architect, to moderate the debate with other architects.

Enjoy the reading.

Claudio Moltani